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Increasing Online Visibility: Choosing the Right SEO Company for a Dental Practice

For dental practices looking to find success in today’s business world, having a strong online presence is vital. Gone are the days of people looking to print ads or the yellow pages to find a local dentist they trust. Today, most people look to the internet to find the dental practice that they’re looking for. This is likely familiar information for most readers; however, anyone looking to put together a top-notch dental website needs to understand the importance of SEO or search engine optimization for dentists. Dental SEO is the key to maximizing an online presence because this helps to design a website around the specific search criteria that search engines are looking for. By maximizing SEO for a dentist, a website will have the best possible chance of landing at the top of the search results ranking and improving the visibility of a dental practice online. This is crucial because no matter how much time a practice puts into their website if nobody sees it when they search for it the practice will be unable to attract new customers. A dental practice should rely on a professional SEO company to maximize the SEO of a website but choosing the right SEO company is key. There are a few factors that everyone should consider when looking for an SEO company.

Does this company provide a contract?


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A dental practice should have as much freedom and mobility in the marketplace to tailor their SEO experience to meet their needs. Over time, the needs of a dental practice might change, or the internet landscape surrounding the dental industry might change. Some SEO companies will force their clients to sign contracts that will lock the client into a long-term arrangement that can damage a dental website in the long run. Once an SEO company has a client locked into a long-term contract, the client is forced to pay the SEO company regardless of the quality of their work. The SEO company no longer has any incentive to produce the level of work necessary to maximize a dental practice’s online visibility. Therefore, anyone looking to hire an SEO company should seek out a dental SEO company that does not lock its clients into a long-term contract. This provides the client with the freedom to come and go as they please while also providing an incentive for an SEO company to consistently produce high-quality work from day one to retain the client. Find an SEO company without a contract. This provides the most freedom and the best results for the dental practice.

What is the SEO company’s track record?

Before entering into any arrangement, ask the company to produce a track record detailing its results. First, look to see if the SEO company has worked with other healthcare practices in the past. If the SEO company has worked with other healthcare practices, they are likely familiar with the healthcare industry and have the experience necessary to provide the same service to this dental practice. Next, look at the results the company has had with these other practices. Does the company have a proven history of successful working relationships with these clients? Have these practices done well with their marketing campaign as a result of working with this company? Do not be afraid to contact these other practices for more information on the SEO company as well. Be sure to do the necessary research into this company’s history of results. Ensure e company has the kind of results that the dental practice is looking for. Search engine optimization for dentists is not easy. Be sure to choose a company with a proven history of success.

Does the company make false promises?


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It is not unusual for SEO companies to make lofty promises regarding the results they can provide. The company may promise to land the practice’s website on the first page of every search query. They may promise that the company’s website will see an increase in the number of visitors. They may even promise that the practice will see a doubling or even tripling of its patient population. Simply put, these are promises that have no bearing in reality because no SEO company can promise these things. The same way a dentist can do their job and still have patients with cavities, an SEO company can do its job and still wind up with a stagnant website or a stagnant practice. These are false promises that no SEO company should be making. Instead, look for an SEO company that promises to be there for their clients every step of the way. Find an SEO company that promises to stay up to date on the latest technical expertise in the field. Locate an SEO company with the kind of customer service that the practice deserves. If these tools are in place, the dental practice and the SEO company will have the best chance possible for success. While no SEO company can promise results, they should promise to do the right thing for their clients.

Find an SEO company that has a High Retention Rate

Ultimately, the best measure of a company’s reputation is its retention rate. Does the SEO company have a high retention rate? This indicates that its customers are staying with this SEO company in the long run and that they like the results this company puts out. If a company has a low retention rate, this means that customers are leaving to find other SEO companies because something was wrong with the product. A dental practice should look for a dental SEO company that has a high retention rate because this means they are performing work that meets the expectations of their customers. Look for a company that has a high number of reviews. For example, Optimized 360 has over 150 google reviews that demonstrate the high-quality of its work. This is one of the most important factors when looking for a company that performs search engine optimization for dentists. Find an SEO company that has a high retention rate. This is a powerful metric for SEO company performance.

In the end, there are a significant number of factors to consider when looking for an SEO company for a dental practice. SEO is essential for success in today’s business world because most people use search engines to find what they’re looking for. Make sure that the factors discussed above are at the center of any decision regarding online marketing. This will give the practice its best chance for increasing its online visibility and growing its customer base.

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