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How Often Does Your Dental Marketing Strategy Need a Checkup?

The most important aspect of running a successful business is a successful marketing strategy that helps the business climb the success ladder ahead of their competition. Marketing covers many business aspects, including public relation, sales, advertising, and promotions. A successful marketing strategy is one that is not only effective but one that remains current. Marketing strategies and trends are constantly changing, and for the sake of your business, you need to ensure your marketing strategy is up to date. Read on for marketing strategies for dentists, dental marketing tips, ideas, and advice about dental website design.

How Often Should You Review Your Dental Marketing Strategy?

It’s a good idea to update your marketing plan each time marketing trends and techniques change. Some professionals review and update their marketing strategies on a time basis, such as every two weeks or every month. Every business is not the same. You need to focus on your business’s needs which means you may not have a set timeframe to review your marketing strategy and make changes. You need to consider a few different factors before you update your marketing plan.

Consider Your Industry

Your business industry is a major part of your marketing strategy because it determines how often your strategy should be changed. Some industries are prone to changing their marketing strategies more often than others. Dentistry is part of the medical industry, and this industry is one that is an example of industries who have to change their marketing strategy more than other industries.

Company Changes

Your company is sure to endure changes, every successful business does, including dentistry. Many changes that occur within your business will cause a new business plan to be created. One key to success with a marketing strategy is basing the strategy around the strengths of your employees. Your marketing strategy should change if your business is losing money, and when employees leave your company.

Important Customer Base Trends


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Your marketing strategy should reflect changes in your customer base. When customers lack interest in one of your promotional efforts, this is a time your marketing strategy should be reviewed and changed accordingly.

Being Effective

If you notice your sales are decreasing, this is the perfect time to make changes to your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy needs to provide solutions to problems your business is experiencing and provide your business with the benefits and rewards it needs.

New Product or Service

Developing a new product or service is a means for a new marketing plan. The new product or service needs to be included in the marketing strategy to help the product or service be sold. Keep in mind past techniques may not be as effective as tailoring a custom marketing plan for the product or service.

Surveying Customers

When customers complete surveys about your products, services, or the company itself, you will know if customers found your company/website through the marketing strategy you implemented or through another source.

Medical Marketing Ideas

Online Healthcare Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most important and effective tools of marketing, and it’s not used as much as it should be because it is often misunderstood. One form of online marketing is a company website. A website must have high-quality content, including text, blogs, articles, and videos. The more quality content that is present on your website, the better chance you have of ranking high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Marketing Referrals

If your dental practice has been in business more than three years, you should have at least 30 referral partners. Getting a marketing referral is as simple as asking your colleagues for a referral. Many companies are using electronic referrals because it saves paper, money, and time. Electronic referrals allow you to connect with other software users to connect a referral network.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of many medical marketing ideas and a great way to introduce your practice to potential members. Your local Chamber of Commerce has hundreds, if not thousands, of patients who are looking for a care provider such as yourself. Make sure you set aside time to introduce yourself to each guest. Building your email list is important for building clientele. Incorporate your business cards in your even by playing games or having door prizes.

Dental Website Design

The purpose of a dental website and any other website is to provide information and details about the services that are offered and problems the company can solve. A dental website should possess these specific facts, features, and details.

Professional Appearance


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Your website needs to be professional and attractive. First impressions are not forgiving. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. The most important page of your website is the landing page because it is the first page visitors see. The colors of your website should match the colors of your business cards. Your landing page should be relevant to your company and have different eye-catching elements, including the theme, logo, fonts, and color scheme. Visitors expect your landing page to explain your business, and why they should trust you and your services or products.

Navigation Tools

A poor navigation experience is a guarantee you will lose customers to your competition. Customers need a website that is easy to navigate, understand, and provide answers to some of their questions, such as a phone number, email address, hours of operation, and location. Each section of your website should be easy to find.

“About Us” Page

Like your home page, the about us page is essential for gaining new customers. The about us page is where you can give personal insight on your company’s background as well as yourself. Discuss how long your business has been established, how long you’ve been practicing dentistry, and why you’re the perfect professional to take care of the customer’s needs. Your about us page is the best place to put clear headshots of you and your team. Customers want to put a face with the name because a personal connection needs to be made.

Service Pages

Service pages are important because they tell customers the focus of your dental practice. You need to discuss as much information as possible about the services you provide and how the procedures work. Customers want to know all the information they can about procedures they may need or want. Every page on your website needs a call to action (CTA). Avoid listing your services. Each service you offer should have a unique page describing what your company offers.

These medical marketing ideas will help get the ball rolling for expanding your customer base. Dentistry is a service everyone needs as some point in time, and this advice will help you attract as many customers as possible online and offline.

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