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Here’s How to Improve Your Dental Brand’s Appearance

If you’re a new dental practice, smaller practice, or a practice that is looking to generate more business, you likely face the very real challenge of making your dental practice project an image that helps boost the appearance of your brand.

Projecting the image that your website is high quality, your practice is experienced, and that you as a dentist are worth trusting with a patient’s needs takes extensive thought and consideration. After all, you want to be transparent with your patients, but also don’t want to be so transparent that they see your faults.

You might not have all of the latest technology, like digital radiographs, but you could have stellar online reviews from happy patients. The job of an experienced dental marketer is to guide you through the process of messaging and framing those messages.

It Starts With Your Dental Website



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Projecting a high-quality image to your website starts with your dental website. The website is often the first place in which people are exposed to your brand. The way it looks, how easy it is to navigate, and the overall feel of it has a large impact on how people view your practice’s brand.

With that in mind, it’s crucial that you work with a team that’s experienced in creating dental websites. You want a team that understands your target audience and what they want. Look for a team that can create HIPAA compliant portals where patients can book appointments and access records.

The more advanced and user-friendly your website is the more likely people are to trust that you’re “up on the times” enough to be their dentist. When your website is archaic, visitors tend to wonder if you’re equipped to actually provide them with the latest and greatest treatments.

In addition to looking and functioning in the most modern way possible, it’s also important that your website be responsive. A responsive website is a site that renders perfectly regardless of the device it is viewed on. This has become increasingly more important to the user experience as people spend more and more time on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Imagine getting on a website and discovering that it doesn’t function correctly on your phone. All of a sudden images look weird, phone numbers are hard to click to call, and messaging is totally off. This is what your visitors would experience if your website wasn’t responsive. And for most, it would be a total turnoff. It would drive them to visit your competitor’s website.

A well done dental website is comprised of several elements that make an impact on your visitors. Each photo and piece of copy should work to support your ultimate goal of turning visitors into patients.

Use High-Quality Photography

Nothing screams “cheap” and “inexperienced” as loudly as a website with poor photography. You know what we’re talking about. There are websites that post their own photos taken by an amateur in the office who simply likes to hold the camera or worse websites that rely on clip art.

Stay far away from all photography and images that don’t have the high-quality look you’re going for. If you want your website to reflect the professionalism and class of your practice, then it’s important that you invest in high-quality dentist photography.

While it costs more up front, these images can be repurposed for other content pieces like brochures and because they’re taken by professionals they last a long time. Read more about choosing good dental pictures for your website in this article.

The most important thing is that every picture accurately reflects your demographics, is something you have copyrights to and is high definition. Additionally, avoid photos that make procedures look gruesome or scary to patients who might already have a fear of the dentist.

Ask for Reviews



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What your patients have to say about you says a lot to potential patients. They want to know that those who already see you feel cared for. Heard, and more importantly like they’re in good hands.

Reviews are the new word of mouth. They work in your favor by using the power of peer influence to get people to trust your practice. Ask patients to post their reviews on Facebook and Google. Both of these avenues are both highly visible to the public and also indexed in search engine results.

So when someone searches for dentist reviews around them they’ll likely see yours come up and be compelled to contact your office or visit your website.

Use Dental Videos



dental videos on website

Dental videos can play a large part in getting the word out about your practice and also educating patients. High quality, well-produced videos are shareable, which means that patients of yours who found value in the videos will share the videos with their friends through social media. Their sharing is looked at as an endorsement and works to influence people to positively view your practice.

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