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Good Practices for OBGYN Website Development

Your website offers you a way to connect with not only your patients but also with your colleagues and the community as a whole. Website design for women’s specialists should paint a customized picture of who you are as a medical practitioner and how you and your staff will meet their needs. Included in the picture should be an overview of treatments and services you offer your community. A portion of solid OBGYN website design should also be dedicated to the behind the scenes care of your practice. Servers used to host your site can either increase the user-friendliness of your site by ensuring quick access to information, or they can result in a loss of uptime and cause parts of your site to load slowly. While it’s true that you provide a much need service, if your website does not reflect what patients will experience when they walk through the door, it’s time to evaluate the effectiveness of your website.

Custom Site vs. Template


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Custom website design protects the integrity of your practice and helps prevent you from becoming a cookie cutter statistic. Whether we are talking about colors and graphics or imagery and branding, a custom built website allows your brand to be represented in the best possible way. Visitors are searching for gynecological, or obstetric services have likely checked out your competitors before landing on your site. By choosing to opt for a custom built site, they are more likely to pause long enough to explore what makes you exceptional.

Template based design will get your website up and run quickly, but your practice may suffer in the long run. Even if you purchase the template, there could be hundreds of other sites out there that were created before your purchase, hence the cookie cutter reference. Unless you are experienced in advanced coding techniques, the options for customizing a template are limited. Unfortunately, if visitors land on your website and it closely resembles that of the last three sites they visited, your conversion rates will be stagnant. The savings you experienced up front may be why your ROI is not what you expected from your new website.

Blogs & Social Marketing

Connecting with patients is a vital piece of your online presence. Of course, it is difficult to grow your practice by building relationships with prospective patients if they cannot find you. Blogs provide information in a non-threatening way that tends to be more informal than medical white papers or articles patients may find elsewhere on the web. Active blogs– those that are regularly updated– and social media accounts are relatively quick and easy ways to foster connections with current and prospective patients, and colleagues in the medical community. As a bonus, organic search engine ranking systems favor frequently updated websites as well as the traffic generated through social media.

Social marketing for women’s specialists draws on multiple communication strategies. Ideally, your website will positively influence women’s behavior in regards to their health. Community outreach and strategic placement of messages can guide patients to your website where they will find a plethora of information promoting healthy choices. Knowing your target audience provides opportunities to tailor your messages. Understanding that women will seek your services to prevent issues down the road, take care of current concerns, and to maintain optimal health will help you vary the messages you send.

Unique Content


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Your OBGYN website design may look nice, but does it provide relevant content that empowers your patients? Blogs are great for creating connections, but now that they are becoming more common on medical websites, it is important to venture into new content dimensions. Patient testimonials are incredibly effective at helping you build authority and credibility in your field. Visitors no longer have to take your word for it, they can listen to or read testimonials from actual patients.

Medical animations and graphics provide quick visual references that grab attention quickly. Videos on procedures and treatments are popular because they provide easily accessible information. Take the time to include either videos or professional photos with the bios on you and your staff. Consider offering support groups through social media for women experiencing specific medical issues, such as miscarriage or menopause. Remember, the whole purpose of your online presence is to sell your brand to prospective patients and to keep current patients in the loop.

Keep Patients Connected

When patients can take care of multiple tasks by visiting your website, the efficiency of your website results in happy, connected patients. Patients who have grown up in the technological age, as many of your expectant mothers, have, expect patient portal integration, online bill pay, and access to forms online. Forms must be secure to ensure patients of HIPAA compliance. Patient registration and medical history forms save time and increase efficiency. Prescription refill requests, appointment requests, and online referring physician referral forms provide faster service and fewer interruptions during the day.

Behind the Scenes Healthcare Technology


Behind the server


Website design for women’s specialists must provide patients and colleagues with a secure, HIPAA compliant website. Medical website hosting and the related servers can seriously impact the efficiency of your website. If the servers get bogged down, it will affect loading time at the least and site access at worst. At Optimized360, we can offer top-notch security features and powerful Google technology.

The technical side of your website is designed to work for you, not against you. Everything from email to patient forms must be encrypted before it travels the web, so it is protected. HIPAA compliance also requires data backups, so patient information is never completely lost. Maintenance is required to make sure updates occur as technology changes to remain in compliance.

Let’s Recap

  • Custom OBGYN website design helps you stand out from a competitive crowd.
  • Blogs are effective tools to connect and educate prospective and current patients.
  • Social marketing takes your patients’ health needs into consideration.
  • Keeping unique content up-to-date will give people a reason to return to your website.
  • Improve your practice’s efficiency by providing ways for patients to make appointments, refill prescriptions, and access forms online.
  • Ensure your website is running efficiently and securely with top-notch hosting and HIPAA compliant servers.

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