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Get Your Dental Website Ranked High on Google Search


With so many websites on the internet competing to be on the front page of Google search results, website visibility has assumed another dimension. Making your dental website rank higher on Google is one of the ways to attract more clients and make your business grow. Right now, having a beautifully designed website is not enough to increase your listing or ranking on search engines. To remain visible you need to do more.

That being said, here are things you can do to make your dentist website SEO or search engine optimized.

Publish Quality, Relevant Content

If ranking on Google is important to you, and it should be, then you must publish not just quality content, but content relevant to your specialty and your region. Your dental website should contain information that readers who visit your website will find useful. Do not just copy and paste content from other dental websites, take the time to craft unique, specifically targeted content that will make readers come back for more. With relevant content, your website will wind up higher on Google search results page.


Utilized quality and fresh content to attract the search engines


Content Must Be Fresh

Nobody likes stale content. Closely related to relevant and good content is new content. You should make it point of giving readers fresh and inspiring content. That’s what will keep them coming back. Fresh content attracts new visitors and customers, and this plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. When people see new information, they get excited and share it with friends who in turn share with their own friends.

Update Content Frequently

One of the responsibilities that comes with having a website is adding content and updating them regularly. This is not restricted to written content alone. Images, videos and the like should be updated from time to time. Nothing gives visitors joy than reading updated content regularly. This will grow your practice and attract more visitors, ultimately leading to improved SEO for your dental website.

Introduce a Blog, Build Backlinks

This is an important step, and a must-have in improving SEO for a dentist website. If you have links to other pages on your website, the higher your ranking on Google search engine. Backlinks are important too. They help boost your website’s authority especially if the backlinks listing you have good ranking themselves. This increases Google search engine’s confidence in your website.


Make sure your dental website is mobile responsive


Have a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Some web pages are not mobile-friendly. They are very responsive when viewed on desktops and laptops, but the story changes when visitors try to access the same information on their mobile devices. Remember, for SEO purposes, your dental website has to be friendly for mobile devices because that’s what most people use to get information online. Google search engines check for mobile compatible websites when people enter search queries with their more devices. If you do that, your dentist website visibility and ranking on search engines will improve greatly. In fact, your website should be responsive regardless of the device people are visiting it from. A good amount of organic traffic comes from mobile devices.

Have a Keyword Strategy

Keywords are important in improving your dental practice visibility. Your dental website should contain keyword phrases spread evenly throughout your pages. Remember to have them in your opening and closing paragraphs. Then use tags, meta tags, heading tags with bold and italics to highlight your keywords. Bear in mind that keywords should not take place of useful content.

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