Hiring the Right Person

Ever Hired The Wrong Person? Part 1 of 2

Hiring the right person for every task within your practice is crucial for some reasons. For example, hiring the wrong front desk or receptionist staff can give your patients a negative impression of your practice before they even have a chance to see you. As the first person that your patients see or speak with, if your front desk staff or receptionist doesn’t have the right phone etiquette or is not polite and informative, the production of your office can drop. Also, your patients might not return, or they might not recommend your practice to their friends and family.

Website Design and Your Practice

Just like your front office staff, your medical website design can make a difference in how the public views your practice. With the right type of website design, potential patients can find you and determine if your offerings meet their needs. Hiring the wrong website design and marketing company can cost you regarding money, time and trust. Here’s how.

1. You Aren’t Getting Results

The right website should be designed to deliver certain goals. Part of this is identifying and developing these goals is the first step in the process of making them. Whether your website design company is not adept at helping you hammer out those goals or your website simply isn’t returning the results you expect, this is one of the signs that you’ve chosen the wrong marketing firm.

2. Wasted Marketing Money

Allocating money to your marketing budget means that you have certain goals for it. Wasting that marketing money by not getting the results you expected means that you have tough choices to make. You can hobble along with your current marketing company and their strategy in the hopes that things will get better. Throwing money at a marketing company that continues to prove that their leadership is not working, however, is not a wise financial move.

3. Having to Hire the Right Marketing Company


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Once you realize that your practice website is not returning the results you had expected, then you need to make some hard choices. Cutting your losses with your current website design and marketing company might seem like you’re taking a giant step in the wrong direction. However, by staying in the same holding pattern, your practice’s web presence will stagnate, and potential patients might not be able to find you. These are things that the right marketing company can fix quickly.

4. Lack of Trust

If you are like many physicians, website design and marketing are not your strengths. This is why you put your faith and trust in a company to deliver these services and help propel your practice toward its goals. Marketing firms that follow antiquated strategies, such as content that is written solely for search engines and stuffing keywords, might not meet the needs of your audience. These strategies could also result in your website being penalized by the most popular search engines.

5. No Conversions

A successful marketing strategy has a number of elements to it. These include making your website easy for people to find, then making it enticing enough for them to click on to learn more information or to find the answers to any questions they have.

Once you have people on your site, clicking around, your job is not done, however. You also want them to convert to being patients or another aspect of interaction that is your goal, such as contacting your office to schedule an appointment. If you do not see a visitor-to-conversion ratio that meets your goals, then the marketing and website design company you have chosen is not meeting your needs.

6. Negative Client Experience


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One of the primary reasons for having a website is to cater to your audience. A key aspect of this is ensuring that visitors to your website can successfully navigate it to find the information and knowledge they are seeking. If your patients complain to you or your staff that your website is confusing or that they had a difficult time navigating it, this reduces your client experience significantly.

Do any of the above scenarios resonate with the experiences you’ve had with your current website design and marketing company? You’re not alone, and there is plenty that you can do to improve your satisfaction, increase your conversions and boost your productivity while enjoying an exceptional value.  Keep an eye out on your inbox for the continuation of this invaluable story.

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