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Endodontic Websites and Online Marketing – Drill Into The Details


Endodontists are used to drilling into things. When they aren’t working on teeth, they’re usually drilling into the details of running their practice. With these details comes something many people might not even think about when it comes to running a dental practice: marketing.

Marketing is about more than just getting the word out about your practice. Today, marketing is a task that is done in two separate realms.

  • Online marketing: also known as internet marketing, web marketing, or online advertising is the process of developing strategies and messaging that target the right audience throughout a variety of online channels including social media, search engines, and websites.
    • Inbound marketing: this is the process of developing content that people are seeking and distributing it online in such a way that while a person is searching for that content they come across your website and determine you are the best resource to answer the questions they have.
  • Outbound marketing: this type of marketing is the traditional marketing people think of. It includes billboards, TV commericals, magazine and print ads, and anything else that essentially relies on the “spray and pray” method of distribution. While outbound marketing has its place, it is not as targeted or effective as online marketing and inbound marketing because it tends to spread a message to a wide audience that is likely to include people who aren’t interested in the messaging.

Endodontic dental website design is most effective when combined with targeted online marketing. This makes sense because it allows you to determine how you want to market your practice and create content that aligns with the advertisements and strategy you create.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization



Search Engine Optimization
SEO is an important part of any long-term marketing strategy.

One of the most effective long-term endodontic marketing strategies, search engine optimization is based on the principle of creating quality content that people are seeking answers to. When you think about how people utilize the internet most use it to get answers to questions they have.

Every query performed on a search engine is actually a question. Think of how you’d translate the following into questions:

  • best endodontist = who is the best endodontist around me?
  • endodontists that accept Delta Dental = is there a dentist around me that accepts Delta Dental?
  • endodontists near me = is there an endodontist located close to me?

In order to answer these questions accurately you need to create content that fits what they’re asking. Learn more about search engine optimization in this article.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising



pay-per-click on a laptop computer
PPC can help you target keywords you might otherwise not rank for.

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of online marketing used by everyone from top endodontic websites to oral surgeon websites. This type of online marketing differs from SEO in that it is more immediate. It’s a great way to jumpstart your marketing and get people to your website while you’re waiting for your SEO strategy and content to take effect.

In PPC you pay for each time a person takes a specific action on an advertisement you place on Google, Bing, or some other search engine. One of the best things about PPC advertising is that it can help you show up for searches on keywords that you might otherwise not rank for. Most commonly practices will use PPC to target keywords like their competitor’s names.

Read all about PPC in this helpful article.

Social Media



social media for endodontists


Social media has revolutionized the way people interact with each other and businesses. Social media includes a variety of websites that allow people to create, share, and engage with content. Some of the most popular social media websites include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Each social network has its own niche market and purpose. It’s important that when you’re developing your marketing strategy you choose the networks where your target audience is, not where you want them to be. With that in mind, we see many endodontists on Facebook.

Facebook is incredibly powerful because people can rate your business and talk about their experience with you, post pictures, share posts from your blog, and engage with your practice in an authentic, engaging way.

Online Reviews

Often the first thing people look for when visiting your website or checking out your social media profiles are your online reviews. Today’s word of mouth is much different than it used to be. Now, instead of asking friends for recommendations, people will look for reviews online.

Websites like Facebook allow people to see who their friends have posted reviews for. Positive reviews and negative reviews are both taken seriously, with people putting a lot of stake in what their peers have experienced when it comes to interacting with your practice.

Reputation management and five star reviews are an incredibly important part of maintaining how people view your business and interact with it. Learn more about online reviews here.

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