Empty Waiting Rooms a Direct Result of Empty Marketing

Empty Waiting Rooms a Direct Result of Empty Marketing

Does your medical or dental office need help in placing
new patients in your waiting room? Read on.

Empty waiting room chairs in your medical or dental office aren’t good. In fact, empty chairs can be a forecaster that your practice may be in big trouble. For each hour that one of these chairs remains empty, you are losing money.

Although it may feel that your practice is busy, it’s important to constantly recruit new patients for a number of reasons. First, there’s a natural rate of attrition that occurs in practices. People move away, pass away, and change insurance carriers. Each of these issues causes you to lose patients over time. Recruiting new patients on a consistent basis helps to spread the word of your practice to more people organically.

Wondering how you can attract new patients? There’s a wide variety of medical marketing techniques that have been proven to help attract more patients to your practice.

Are you doing enough online marketing for your medical or dental practice?

Make sure you have a quality medical-grade website

A high-quality website is an tremendously important part of attracting new patients to your website and then your practice. A practice’s website is often the first impression a person gets of the office and its team. This is why having a website that is easy to navigate, clean, attractive, and responsive is crucial to how people experience your website.

Mobile-responsive websites are websites specifically designed to look great and be easy to navigate regardless of the device they are being viewed on. This means that photos will shrink to the screen size and call-to-action buttons will be clickable, obvious, and easy to read. Read this article about responsive website design here.

You may not really need SEO if you have a unique medical specialty

Practice the art of good SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of creating content on your website that answers search queries that might get them to your site. SEO is an incredibly effective marketing tool that gets your practice in front of people who are actively interested in your services.

Medical SEO is a long-term solution. We like to think of it as a marathon as opposed to a sprint. It takes time to get it up and running and seeing results, but it’s an incredibly effective solution to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The only way to do search engine optimization well is to understand the keywords and phrases that you need to be targeting. Once you understand these terms your marketing staff or contracted agency can see who your competition is, analyze what they’re doing, and create high quality, original content for your website that outranks what the competition is doing.

Planning Your PayPerClick (Adwords) Campaign

Don’t be cheap, consider PPC

PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a very smart option for medical practices looking for faster results. This is because PPC gets your brand, value and website in front of interested parties without having to wait for the search engines to rank it via SEO.

As soon as the ads you create are approved by Google or the other search engines they start running. And PPC gives you the option to get in front of people searching for just the keywords you want – even your competitors’ names. The options are nearly endless. It’s all driven by strategy and budget, the bigger the both of them are – the greater the results.

Dentist ,must have updated and active social media accounts

Take advantage of your Social Media accounts

Online promotions through media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can play a large part in spreading the word about your practice to potential patients. One of the best ways to use these platforms for a doctor’s online promotion is by asking happy patients to post reviews.

Everything you do online nowadays is out there for the public to see – what you do online is seen by other people. If people are posting positive things about your practice this is a good thing. For example, when you ask happy patients to post positive reviews on Facebook their friends see the review as soon as it’s published. This puts your name in front of potential patients and gives them confidence in your abilities because they see that someone they know is publicly endorsing you.

Online reviews also show up in Google search results and can play a large part in boosting your search engine ranking. Another way to drum up excitement about your practice and get more patients in the waiting room chairs is to offer an online promotion that gives something to people. For example, you might offer a free exam for each new patient or a complementary set of x-rays for all news patients.

These types of marketing approaches offer something to patients without any strings attached and get them to your website and hopfully through the door to your office.

Once they’re in your office you have the opportunity to wow them with an amazing experience, earn their trust, and earn them as patients.

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