Does PPC Advertising Really Work for Doctors?

Does PPC Advertising Really Work for Doctors?

How medical professionals can make the most of their advertising dollars through proper use of Google Ads

In this article, we will address the most common complaints we hear about why PPC campaigns on Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) don’t work, and provide arguments to show why it actually does work. Google is one of the most profitable companies on earth for a very good reason, they make a lot of from delivering ads for their clients, and web visitors click on them. It’s that simple, yet also complicated and costly if you don’t set it up and manage it properly.

When you advertise your practice on search engines, like Google, it’s a fact that you need to be on the first page to be noticed by prospective new patients, and that’s where the challenge lies. There are a maximum of 7 paid positions available on any search engine results page (SERP). That means that between all the doctors in your community fighting for that patient, only 7 can hold a first page position. That means that only those advertisers and the agencies that know what they are doing can afford to compete in a market where the top positions are dominated by clicks of that cost between $3, $6, $10 or more per click.

Dentists need a solid PPC strategy

Any agency worth giving your money to should start with an extensive research into keywords to determine what your intended audience is searching for, how they’re searching for a doctor like you. A bid is placed on keywords and keyword phrases that secure top positions, not necessarily the #1 spot. When a web user searches Google, ads that contain the matching keywords are displayed above the local map listings and the organic results.

PPC ads have the potential to be seen by tens of thousands of visitors per day, but the advertiser is only charged for when someone chooses to click on the ads. The advertiser controls who sees the ads, when they see them, and the text or image that is displayed.

When a beginner or DIYer (Do It Yourself) medical practice tries to run a PPC campaign on their own, competing against professional agencies, their slim budget is quickly consumed with little or no results. When we jump into an existing PPC project we often find these common missteps.

Dr. Halana Rothbort, from The Center for Healthy Minds is one of the MDs who has mentioned no interest in PPC or SEO, but, has not been able to find her name on Google. She is a Children Psychiatrist. 


Common PPC mistakes doctors should avoid

If you have the patience, budget and commitment to compete and win, then PPC is right for you. But don’t go it alone. As you can see from the above 7 common mistakes made in PPC, a tremendous amount of precious time and money can be wasted away due to not knowing or understanding exactly what to do.

What should you do first? After reviewing this entire article, pick up the phone and call the experts at Optimized360. During your FREE CONSULTATION you will discover how you are currently ranking, a few things your competitors are doing and we will set you on the path for success. Why wait? Call now.

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