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Do I need to hire 3 different companies for all my practice needs?

As you build your new chiropractic business, one of the things that will be on your “to do” list is a website.  Your next consideration will probably be how to market the website to reach new clients.  In your research, the term “search engine optimization” or SEO for chiropractors will invariably come up.  But what does that exactly mean? Every search engine has algorithms that they use to “crawl” sites and rank them according to their content.  This allows new and current clients to connect with the businesses and services that they are looking for.  Unfortunately, many website designers do not understand the needs of chiropractic website design.  But the professionals at Optimized360 do.  They can create custom from scratch websites for chiropractors, as well as, provide SEO services to support their customers long after the site has launched.  There is no need to retain the services of several different companies who do not understand the ins and outs of your business.  They can also provide online marketing for chiropractors.  Optimized360 can provide the services that your business needs because they understand what it takes to support a medical practitioner.


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With services consolidated in one company, chiropractors can save a lot of their budget.  All too often, individual companies that provide only one service will “up sell” or inflate their price.  When this is combined with multiple companies, chiropractors may find their budgets stretched beyond what they had imagined when they opened their doors.

One aspect of these additional services is reputation management for chiropractors.  This tool used by public relations firms refers to the ability to control an individual’s or business’ image in the marketplace.  This also extends to the online realm where a business or individual is marketed in a way that crafts and maintains their image and status in search rankings.  Often, chiropractors pay up to $250 a month for these services.  However, with Optimized360, this service is part of the package that they offer to their clients.

Social marketing for chiropractors is also now a significant part of any business’ marketing plan.  While you may not be savvy when it comes to social marketing, the professionals at Optimized360 are.  They will create a custom plan that gets your business before current and prospective customers on a regular basis.

If you were to seek out these special services from several different companies, you would find that when combined, the fees were exorbitant.  Also, you would be dealing with people from several different companies who do not understand your business or interact with one another.  This can lead to a very disjointed marketing approach.  With Optimized360, you get a knowledgeable team who understands your business and works together to support it.  They do all of this for approximately $500 a month.  By consolidating the services you need with Optimized360, you get the support you need for a fraction of the cost.

Before you begin the journey to social media marketing and reputation management for chiropractors, your business will need a stellar website.  The designers at Optimized360 will create that for you, as well.   While many companies offer free website design packages, customers are often surprised when they are hit with high monthly hosting and maintenance fees.

Also, many companies only offer a limited number of template designs for the websites they offer.  This leaves many sites looking more generic.  Professionals are looking for specialized website design for chiropractors that will draw current customers in and attract potential new clientele.  This is where Optimized360 stands apart from the competition.  Their designers never used software generate templates.


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Customers of Optimized360 will also appreciate the ability to update their website as they see fit.  This frees staff from having to contact someone and wait for new content to be posted or corrections to be made.  While many companies provide a standard template website with limited functionality, Optimized360’s customers enjoy the full range of features and functions.  With a cookie cutter template and several different businesses’ promoting them, many chiropractors may find that they are spending too much with little return.  The lack of coordination among SEO, social media marketing, and reputation management coupled with less website functionality adds up to higher costs for chiropractors.

Search engine optimization is particularly important when you are starting your chiropractic business.  You need for clients to be able to find you.  The team at Optimized360 will get you started off on the right foot.  As your business grows, you will be able to add new information to your content management system, but you may also want to consider having a weekly blog post.  Again, there is no need to hire an additional company to handle this.  Optimized360 can set up a blogging system so that your site consistently has new content.


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As a professional, you cannot handle it all.  Website design, social media marketing, and reputation management are big jobs. While it can be done initially, each aspect requires specialized knowledge that is constantly evolving.  Keeping current on these topics and performing the necessary tasks takes you aware of your core mission which is to provide healing and relief to patients.  Yes, you can hire multiple companies, but as mentioned, this does not make the best business sense.  The designers and professionals at Optimized360 understand your business and work together every day to ensure that your professional goals are met.  Their goal is to support your business in a real and vital way.

When you begin the website design process with the staff at Optimized360, you will choose a domain name.  This domain will become your property.  Many web designers do not provide this opportunity for business owners.  This can become problematic when changes in hosting, for instance, occur.  Without control of the ownership and the hosting, it can hamper a business’ ability to make necessary adjustments when needed and therefore inhibit their ability to attract and retain new clients.  This is never an issue with Optimized360’s clients.  Their clients retain ownership of their domain, have control of hosting and can update their sites as needed through the integrated content management system.  This does not mean that when a site is built that Optimized 360 goes away.  Their team is ready to provide all of the services needed to support the new site, promoted it, and update the software as needed.  It’s like having your IT department.

So, do you really need three different companies to manage your business’ online presence?  No.  What your business needs is the marketing services from Optimized360.

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