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Do Blogs Help my Website Rank Well?

When dentists are looking to find the best dental website design, they often think about their ranking in the search engine results. This makes sense because with more people than ever looking online to find the products and services that they’re interested in; it is important that the website has a strong online presence. This means a website towards search engine optimization. Many dentists have heard about the importance of using a blog to increase online visibility; however, many dentists are still asking whether or not a blog will help the website rank well. In fact, the answer is yes! Attaching a blog to the website will help a dental website rank well if used in the proper way. When it comes to website design for dentists, some of the benefits of having a blog are discussed below!

1. A Blog Gives the Dentist Control Over the Message on the Website


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Everyone has heard about search engine optimization and understands its importance in the online search engine ranking world. One of the foundations of the ranking is the number of keywords and key phrases that are on the website when search engines comb the depths of the internet. Furthermore, it isn’t just the keywords that matter. In fact, their placement also matters. Much of the website is already laid out because it has to be there. The “About Us” section, the “Contact Us” section, and the “Schedule Appointments Here” sections do not offer much autonomy for the dentist to gear their message. The blog exists to do just this. When dentists design their blogs, they often design them to incorporate key phrases that people might search for. Some examples for dentistry might include “dental implants,” “cavities,” “root canals,” or “gingivitis.” These are all examples of common problems that people seek a dentist for. While these terms might not fit well into a typical web page that is found on a dental website, they fit very well into blogs. Furthermore, they can be used more than once without sounding like spam. Blogs are important because they give the dentist an opportunity to control the message on their website. Design this around search engine keywords and phrases to increase the results ranking.

2. A Blog Increases the Variety of Content Features on a Web Page

When a search engine is looking for content that is relevant to the search query, they are looking for content that will provide an answer for the user. This means looking for websites that feature a wide variety of content. The more varied the content might be, the greater the chance that it will satisfy the needs of the user. Think about the keywords that were discussed above. These represent common phrases that people include when searching for a dentist; however, that is only the tip of the iceberg. People come to the dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, and pediatric dentist for all different kinds of dental needs. Custom website designs for dentists should feature a blog post or an article discussing every single one of these reasons. This maximizes the variety of the dental website design and will help ensure that it meets the needs of anyone who enters a search query into a search engine looking for a dentist. This is how to improve the ranking of a website design for dentists. Maximize variety to maximize the ranking. This will improve the visibility of the practice.

3. Dental Blogs Increase the Opportunity for External Links


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Search engines always look to see how many external links a blog contains. The more external links a blog contains, the more likely the blog is to be relevant to the needs of the user because the blog is already referencing and guiding the user towards other content that they might find useful. On this note, it is important that the links are relevant to the needs of the user. This means providing links to reputable pages and not just generic content. When dentists construct a blog, they can guide the message around the reputable information from their training. Without a doubt, dentists have a number of reputable websites that they use to check up on for information for themselves when they’re visiting a patient. Therefore, build a blog around these external links. By hyperlinking important terms to these websites, the search engine will see that the website is trying to help out the user. This will increase the ranking of the website.

4. Internal Links are Useful for Dental Blogs

Dental website design blogs also offer the opportunity for plenty of internal links to other pages on the website. This is important because people will likely read the blog and want to schedule an appointment or see where the practice is located. Furthermore, they might have more questions that can be answered on other blog pages. Providing links to these pages improves the experience of the user and is beneficial for SEO on a dental website. Search engines want to make sure that their users are having a positive experience when visiting a web page and internal links that guide the user towards other useful places are an important part of this. Put up blogs and use plenty of internal links to improve the ranking of the dental website and make sure people see the practice.

5. Dental Blogs Provide an Opportunity to Provide Fresh Content


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When search engines are looking to see if the website is relevant, they want to make sure that the site is well-cared for. An outdated site might not even be in business anymore, making it irrelevant. Having a regular blog that posts weekly or monthly is a great way to keep the content fresh. Search engines will see that the website is maintained regularly. This means that the site is more likely to meet the needs of the user, especially because a well-cared for website reflects well on the care of the dentist towards his patients. Make sure to keep the website regularly updated and use recent images and videos because search engines check the date tags on the multimedia graphics as well. An important part of website design for dentists is keeping the content recent. A dental blog is a great way to make this happen.

Without a doubt, a dental blog will increase the ranking of the website if used in the right way. It should be an integral part of custom website designs for dentists. Make sure to follow the tips that were laid out in this article to improve the ranking of the website.

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