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Dental Marketing Through Clean Design

Dental marketing is crucial to the success of every practice. Without a clear marketing plan, you might as well be a ship without sails. A marketing plan will help you set goals, understand those goals, and establish the path through which you will achieve them.

One of the key components of dental marketing is ensuring your website has a clean design. An overcrowded website is worse than no website because it distracts visitors and ultimately leaves them with a bad impression of your website. With competition at an all-time high, it’s important that you do your best to hire a marketing team that will create a site that stands out from the competition.

What is clean design?

Simply put a clean design is one that keeps a visitor’s eyes on your message and not much else. If your website can’t manage to keep its message at the front and center of it, then it isn’t doing its job.

Unfortunately, many novice designers try to cram too much on a website and lose focus of what the true intent of it is. For example, if a page on your website is designed to get someone to submit a lead form it wouldn’t make sense to also provide a place for them to subscribe to a newsletter or schedule an appointment. All of those are potential functions of a website and page, but they belong on a page that has that specific intention.
Provide a Better User Experience

Provide a Better User Experience

You’ve probably heard of the term user experience many times. It’s how an individual experience your website. From the layout to the navigation to images used, each component of your website makes a difference in how someone experiences your website.

You’ve probably heard of the term user experience many times. It’s how an individual experiences your website. From the layout to the navigation to images used, each component of your website makes a difference in how someone experiences your website.

The trick with user experience is to combine it with the wide array of dental marketing ideas seamlessly. By doing so you ensure that people are kept happy and that they have an experience that is so enjoyable they want to come to your practice for treatment.

Keeping your user’s experience at the forefront of your mind tells anyone who visits your website that you care about them and that this website was made for their needs.
How to Create Clean Design

How to Create Clean Design


Group of graphic Designers planning out a clean website design for a website for a medical practice


Remove Anything That’s Unnecessary

Sure, it might seem like a great idea to put a photo gallery of your work on the front page of your website, along with two lead capture forms, and a big banner advertising a special, but is all of that really necessary?

Remember to think about what your goals are. Goals can change from month to month, but if your current goal is to increase the number of people taking advantage of a certain promotion, then logically it makes sense to make that the center of your website and remove whatever might clutter the message from around it.

Focus on Content

Both visual and written content are the key to creating a clean website. When you have a solid plan for your content and each piece of content has a purpose, then knowing where it goes is easy. Anything else that takes away from it should go, so people can focus on your content and message.

Don’t Go for Trendy

Websites should be redesigned every two to three years. With that in mind, avoid going for trendy layouts and designs. Website redesigns are pricey and time-consuming. Stick to a timeless, classic look and you will thank yourself that your website is one that is attractive for the two to three years you keep it.

Another important thing to remember is that in marketing for dental practices visitors aren’t expecting what they might get from a contemporary art museum. A clean design free of clutter will help them know what to expect. Imagine visiting a medical practitioner’s website only for it to look more like something from an art exhibit.

Use Negative Space

Negative space is your friend. And while some might look at it like a form of awkward silence, negative space actually allows your message to come across as clearly as possible. When used correctly negative space actually guides the eyes to the message you’re trying to communicate. White space is quite powerful when used to clean visual clutter.

Negative space isn’t always white. It can be any soft color that lends to contrast and readability.

Choose a Color Scheme


Color scheme of colored cards laid out for presentation


When working on medical marketing strategies for dentists it’s important to choose a color scheme that works with the overall feel of your brand. Not all colors are appropriate for medical practices. For example, bright red and neon green might come off as a little too overbearing to visitors. Work with colors that are easy on the eyes, lend to readability and can be used to separate out sections.


Text boxes, images, and other visible content, all play a part in the layout of your website. The placement of each component will depend on its importance, which ultimately is determined by your individual goals. One thing to remember is that your most important content should go above the fold.

This is because people are less likely to continue scrolling to find what they want. By presenting it up front people are more likely to respond.


Navigation plays a huge role in dental marketing. We know through experience that a clean navigation helps move people further along the sales funnel. Your goal is to keep navigation consistent, with clear categories. Make sure you have a search button that works and that you use drop downs to organize your hierarchy. Additionally, make sure that navigation is easy to click on a variety of devices. There’s nothing more frustrating that getting to a dental website, trying to make an appointment, only to have your finger not quite able to hit the button.

Call-to-Action Buttons


Illustration of a hand holding a megaphone


Your call-to-action buttons are the backbone of conversions. At the end of the day, they’re what can make or break whether someone becomes a lead or not. By using clean font and testing various button sizes and spacing, you’ll determine what exactly gets people to click and take action. This is data that over time you can apply to improve your website’s function.

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