Dental Marketing: Optimizing your Dental Videos for Youtube Search

When you think of search engine optimization, there’s a high probability that you think of your website and social media. You’ve probably heard of SEO as if it exists in a vacuum and solely exists to get people to your website. It is, after all, a huge part of dental website design. The reality is, however, that search engine optimization exists to drive people not just to your website, but to your content in general.

What is SEO?

In case you don’t quite understand what SEO is, here’s a quick overview. SEO is a term applied to the creation of content that answers the questions people are seeking answers to on search engines. For example, if a person is searching for a dentist in San Diego, California, then all good dental marketing strategies will include targeting people seeking answers to that question.

To provide answers to those questions your web pages need to be optimized. This means the content needs to be relevant; it needs to be mobile friendly, and various tags like alt tags, title tags, and H1 tags will play a role in how well your website ranks for whatever term you’re targeting.



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YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online. It is a giant search engine for video. And, because it is owned by Google, the videos on YouTube appear in Google search engine results pages. YouTube lays claim to over a billion users worldwide and is well known for offering anything under the sun to its visitors. From sewing tutorials to computer fixes, people look to YouTube for content that helps them accomplish their goals, be entertained, or simply learn something new.

With video content on the rise, it’s crucial now more than ever to include video in your dental marketing. Just like you would optimize your written content, it’s incredibly important that you optimize your video content.

Search engines cannot break down video content to understand what’s in it. If a search engine doesn’t know what a piece of content is about, it can’t categorize it correctly. As a result, poorly optimized videos don’t rank and are rarely viewed. Your message then goes unheard and falls to the wayside to competitors who are producing better-optimized videos.

Notice we did not say better videos. Your video content could be better than another person’s, however, if it isn’t optimized it won’t rank well.
Here’s How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos.


Your title is one of the most important things you can optimize. After all, this is what people will scan before they even click the video. It tells them what the video is about and whether it meets their needs. While it’s often suggested to include an exact match keyword in the title, it’s been proven that it’s more important that your title reflects what an individual is searching for. One of the key dental marketing ideas behind a well-written title is that it is 60 characters or less.



Picture of a youtube window open displaying youtubes interface


The description section of YouTube is limited to 1,000 characters. While that gives you ample opportunity to fill this section with keywords and written content, remember that the person viewing your video is looking to watch a movie, not read a novella.

Google and YouTube display the first three lines of content, so try to front load that area with content that entices readers to want to watch your video. Offer them an incentive that shows them their time won’t be wasted. This amounts to about 100 characters. After this, individuals will have to expand the text to continue reading. This extra step could frustrate them and cause them to move on to another video.

It’s also suggested that you add a transcript for your video, as this can help with your rankings and assist people with accessibility issues.


Tags are a quick way for users to understand what a video is about. But these tags are about more than just your users. They tell YouTube what your video is about and how to rank and categorize it. Tag with relevant keywords first, and don’t try to tag just to get views. Google could penalize your video and impact its rankings.


You can upload videos under advanced settings. This method allows you to group your videos with similar content on YouTube. It might sound simple, but the process of determining what category a piece of content belongs in can be arduous. To determine which category a video falls in, start by asking yourself a series of questions.

Ask yourself who the top video producers are in that category, what they’re known for, and what they do well. Look for patterns between the audiences of similar channels and create a spreadsheet to understand the similarities in length, production value, and format.

SRT Files

Subtitles and closed captions can make a large impact on how well your content ranks. This is because we’ve seen that when implementing SRT files and closed captions in marketing strategies for dentists, we’ve seen a higher rate of natural keyword inclusion, and an increase in overall rankings.

You can have YouTube auto transcribe, however, the accuracy can be a bit tricky. Or you can upload an SRT file. To add subtitles or upload a vile click “Videos” under your “Video Manager” section. Select the video you want to edit, choose “Subtitles/CC” and then proceed as you wish.


Image of a picture icon on a desktop screen


The thumbnail to your video plays a large role in how people respond to your content. Your goal is to elicit an emotional response that gets people to want to click and view your video. Get them excited to know you’re answering their questions and you’ll get them engaged with your content.

End Screens

End screens help to close your video and entice viewers to check out other content you might have created. For example, let’s say you make a video on how to handle a tooth that has been knocked out. After viewing that video someone might want to know their options for dental prosthetics if their tooth can’t be saved. Your end screen could direct them toward additional content that could answer another question and provide them with a great experience.

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