December’s Featured Dental Websites

Customization is the name of the game regarding dental website design. Visitors to any given website are increasingly tech savvy, so the dental websites they visit must meet their expectations, or they will simply look elsewhere. A certain level of professionalism can be gleaned off of quality web design and development. Converting visitors into patients is one of the main goals of modern dental sites. To do this, website designs for dentists must appeal to a variety of prospective patients in ways that will keep them on the page long enough to click that schedule an appointment button.

Marina Landing Family Dentistry


Dental Website for Marina Landing Family Dentistry


Templates would just not allow a website like that of Marina Landing Family Dentistry to customize in a manner that uses the natural nautical surroundings to appeal to visitors. Simplistic design that gives prospective patients an opportunity to get to know the dentist on a more personal level creates connections with people looking for a warm, friendly atmosphere. Patient reviews are prominently displayed to build credibility and trustworthiness. People know a dental website will focus on the positive aspects of provided care, but patient reviews are often viewed as unbiased assessments of completed services and are therefore put to work effectively.

Maps and contact information give patients the opportunity to reach out in their own time, though a large call to action provides the office phone number. The mobile-friendly site scrolls comparable to the main web page, with the potential for contact just a click away. Patient forms are made available for people who prefer to take care of one aspect of the visit before arrival. This particular website is designed for ease of use and makes scheduling an appointment a piece of cake with the request appointment button. It is clear through the particulars of the custom design and content that human connection is a strength of this practice.

Premier Dental of South Orange County


Website Design for Dentist of Premier Dental of South Orange County


As pictures of happy, smiling people run across the screen, it becomes evident this custom website is results oriented. A smile gallery shows proof of the impact of services offered by Premier Dental of South Orange County. Three of the premier services offered are Invisalign, dental implants, and veneers, which are a focal point of the landing page. In fact, it is mentioned that they have been designated as a premier Invisalign provider four years in a row. Of course, clicking on the thumbnail images will take you to a page with more detailed information on each procedure.

The banner allows patients to quickly locate the extensive educational content provided on a plethora of services. For those audio/visual learners, educational videos are available with the click of a button. With both written content and videos, differences in learning styles are addressed, and prospective patients are essentially met at the front door with exactly what they need. By providing up-to-date information, visitors are likely to explore the website long enough to ultimately click the schedule an appointment button. Research suggests that the longer a person spends on the exploration of a website, the more likely they are to end up converting into patients.

Valley Smiles


Dental Website Design for Valley Smiles


The mission is front and center as you scroll down the screen. This website utilizes parallax scrolling, where the main picture remains stationary, or changes periodically, as the rest of the “page” moves new information into place as you scroll down. It creates a layer like an effect without throwing too much information at visitors at once. Each section on the main page gives just enough information to get patients started and then guides them to the learn more buttons to gain further understanding. A map with a directions button and an appointment scheduling box are included at the bottom of each page so patients can choose to make contact at any point during their visit.

The banner at the top is referred to as the site map and remains visible as visitors scroll through the articles, smile gallery, or testimonial pages, among others. Patients can jump from page to page without having to return to the homepage every time. This lends itself to keeping patients on the website longer as they can easily navigate from one page to another. Happy images of a diverse group of smiling people and scenes from nature are visually appealing and remain consistent throughout the site. Prospective patients are often influenced by a reassuring smile and the relaxing effects of nature scenes, so Valley Smiles chose wisely in terms of emotional appeal in its dental website design.

Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates


Website Design for Dentist Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S.


With 25 years of experience in periodontics, this website places the focus on the dentists, their cutting edge history in regards to services offered, and it even shows a glimpse of the atmosphere that awaits once patients walk through the door. Not only is there an active blog where patients can find current information, but there is also a media page which gives visitors a better idea of the stellar service they can expect from these experts. Excerpts from Dr. Nemeth’s time as Principal Dental Expert on the In America series on National Public Television give patients an idea of the depth of knowledge and expertise available before they set foot in the door.

It is clear by the plethora of educational content; the dentists believe in the power of knowledge. Video thumbnails on the landing page introduce visitors to current patients through testimonials, give information on available services, and introduce patients to Dr. Nemeth. The banner that remains at the top of the screen takes prospective patients to a multitude of informative pages, some of which provide patient forms, post-care instructions, and a way to pay your bill online. Patient conversion is a clear priority, even through the offer for a free initial exam.

Hamilton Mill Endodontics


Custom Website for dentist of Hamilton Mill Endodontics


Clean, crisp, and inviting is are ways to describe the visual feel of the website for Hamilton Mill Endodontics. Using a crisp white background with grayscale images accented with a warm blue is both professional and warm. Testimonials are available at the bottom of each page, so it is clear to visitors they value their patients’ opinions and experiences. Besides the standard Our Team, patients can view the office virtually as well. The banner takes prospective patients to a comprehensive services page, a patient login portal, and a referring doctor portal.

What do these websites have in common?

They are each custom dental websites designed to represent the dentists and their unique practice. The strengths of each practice are apparent in those areas that are prominently displayed on the websites. Optimized360 has worked closely with each dentist to customize their website design to maximize patient conversion.

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