Example of a Pediatric website design

Creating Your Pediatric Website Design

Although your medical practice may have a reputation, all of the latest technology and a great staff, no one is going to know about it if you do not have the right online platform. A medical practice that is geared towards children is especially important to sell in the right way because the people who are actually paying for the service obviously take their children seriously – more seriously than they take their own health. Here are some of the ways that you can create a great impression if you have a pediatric office that you need to let the surrounding community know about.

Pediatric Website Must Appeal to Parents

Example of a Pediatric Website Designed by Optimized360

Keep in mind that the people who are paying for the services are the parents, not the children. Having a kid friendly site is one thing, but it cannot be exclusively kid friendly. The parents need to understand that you have the staff and the technology that will take care of their kids. Make sure that you point out the continuing research that your office is engaged in, the ability of your office to utilize new technology and the experience of your staff. Make sure that the text on your pediatric website is written at an adult level as well.

Pediatrician Website Must Appeal to Kids

Example of Pediatric Website Designed by Optimized360

As you appeal to adults to open their wallets, you must also appeal to children to make them feel comfortable in your presence. No adult is going to send his or her child to a doctor who does not make the child feel completely at ease. You can do this through the images that you place on your website. Make sure that you have images of smiling children with you or your staff sharing happy moments in the office. The presence of other children will make the children whom you are trying to bring into your office much more likely to give you a chance.

Increased Conversion Rates Come With Proper Targeting

Pediatric Website Design Example by Optimized360

If you are able to appeal to the children and the parents at the same time, you will most likely experience a rise in your overall conversion rates. Because your new patients are coming to you as a family structure, you must address them as a family structure in order to obtain their business. You will be appealing to the parents to open their wallets and the children to open their hearts at the same time. Both must be done simultaneously in order for the other to truly trust your office with the health of the family.

A Professional Look

Pediatric website example designed by Optimized360

Keep in mind that creating a kid-friendly website does not mean giving up any of the professional amenities that a mainstream medical website would have. As a matter of fact, you will likely need to create a more professional website because you are trying to appeal to children. Children are more easily confused than adults when it comes to technology. In order to keep them engaged, you will need to streamline your sales process even more and cut out all of the extra content on your website that does not directly appeal to your target audience.

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