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Optimized360 is one of the leading competitors when it comes to building a custom from scratch website. Our websites are designed to perform at a primal level that not many other companies can achieve.
With an average rating of 95/100 (a near perfect score!), our competitors are in the low 50’s average.
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It is important for any healthcare professional looking to build a practice to focus a significant amount of energy on marketing and growing their customer base. After all, a medical practice is still a business that depends on having a strong customer base to keep their doors open. One of the key ways that doctors can spread the information that their practice exists is through a website. Often, medical professionals do not have the technological expertise necessary to build a strong website. Therefore, doctors will turn towards a professional website company for assistance in building their website. Just as there are many healthcare providers to choose from, there are also many different website design companies to choose from. Ultimately, there are some factors that every healthcare provider should consider when choosing a developer to build their website. This web page is going to be an important marketing tool for a growing practice and should meet the expectations of the client.


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The first step is to ask the company whether they use custom content or build their websites from a template. Some companies might claim that their templates have performed well for other practices and have proven results; however, this isn’t true. When search engines look through the different web pages and decide where the web page will fall in the search results rankings, one of the factors they consider is how unique the website is. The more unique a website is, the higher it will fall in the search results rankings. If the website looks like a bunch of other web pages, it will fall lower in the search engine result rankings. This is important because people looking for something on a search engine rarely look past the first page. Therefore, the practice should strive to build a website that will land on the first page of a search engine query. A templated design looks like many other practice pages out there and will fall lower on the search rankings page. Doctors should strive to build a website with custom content to ensure their website is unique enough to separate the website from the competition. This will translate into a higher search engine results ranking a more practice visibility.

When vetting a potential company, doctors should also ask to see the company’s prior work. Just as in medicine, experience is key. If the company has an impressive track record of proven results, they should not have any issues pulling out a few of their prior websites that demonstrate the excellence they have put together. The top companies will likely already have a few websites lined up as examples because they are used to being asked this question. Take a look at the websites and see if the designs fit the needs of the company. If the developer has worked with other medical practices before, this is a good sign because this ensures they are already familiar with the field and understand how a medical practice works and how best to market the services. If the company hesitates in showing their prior web pages, this could be a sign that they aren’t confident in their work. Furthermore, do not be afraid to contact the practices that they use as example web pages. Talk to these professionals and see if they are confident in their website development. If they are happy with the results, chances are future customers of this website development team will be satisfied as well.


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Always check to see if the website development understand how to optimize keywords for search engine results rankings, or SEO for short. SEO for doctors is key because there are certain common phrases that most people enter into search engines when looking for a particular product or service. When this phrase is entered, the search engine simply combs the depths of the internet looking for matches. If a practice’s web page has this phrase on their website then this triggers the website to land on the results page; however, this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. There are certain tricks and tips that people need to remember about SEO for doctors when building a website to ensure they don’t get penalized by the search engine as well. The search engine looks for key phrases, but they also look for variations and take these into consideration. Also, if a page is flooded with the key phrase, the search engine will consider this spam. This translates into a lower ranking on search engines. Therefore, it is important that the website development team understands search engine optimization and can effectively build a website and maximize the potential of the page. This will translate into higher search engine rankings, more visibility, and practice growth.

Finally, ask the website development team if they will maintain the speed and relevance of the website. These are two factors that matter to visitors. Nobody likes to visit a website that takes forever to respond. In fact, as technology has improved the expectations of the customers and visitors only rise. Now, people get frustrated if the next page doesn’t load in under a second. These are high standards to meet. Therefore, every practice should make sure that their development team can promise a fast website response time. In fact, there are tools that everyone can use to check the speed of the website. Also, once that page loads the customer should find material that meets their needs. This entails keeping the photos, videos, and information up to date. This custom content is tagged with a date and time, similar to a YouTube video. If this material isn’t recent, visitors might wind up disappointed. Furthermore, search engines will penalize any material that is considered out of date because the algorithm assumes the website isn’t being updated. If the website isn’t being updated, it probably isn’t relevant to the users searching for that service. Always make sure that the website is fast and updated.


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There are some website development companies out there, but custom content, search engine rankings, experience, website speed, and website relevance are all important tenants of website design that everyone should expect. Optimized360 is the leading website development company that excels in all of these areas. They have proven results from their custom from scratch website design methods that ensure a rapid response time and high practice visibility. Any healthcare professional looking for a professional website development team with proven results should contact Optimized360 and see what their custom website designs can do to grow a practice.

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