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Back pain, neck pain, and accidental injury…these keywords are relative to what you will go through if you choose a template based website builder for your practice. Let us relieve your stress and your budget by combining the power of custom website design with top-notch marketing services. We build websites from scratch to help you attract and convert more patients. At Optimized 360, the medical community is our specialty. Whether you are a new chiropractor building your first website, or you are a seasoned veteran in the field looking to update your image, having the right people work on your chiropractic website design is key.

Unique Design vs. Cookie Cutter Templates


Cookie Cutter Designs and One Different


Chiropractors are unique in their approach to healing and pain management. Your website should paint a picture of your practice and all it has to offer. When a new office space is designed, little things like color choices and furniture styles are based on the individual doctor’s tastes. Functionality is as important as the way the office space looks. Professional chiropractic web development specialists use your preferences to create a website that conveys the unique nature of your practice.

A website created within a pre-designed template limits both style choices and the quality of the content you offer. Unfortunately, even if you purchase the exclusive rights to a template, there is nothing you can do to stop the hundreds of people who used it before you. The basic layout and design elements are set, so templates only allow you to make minimal changes. Unless you have extensive experience with web design and the appropriate software, you are looking at a headache every time you need to change or update a template based website.

Customized Websites Grow With You

As your practice grows and changes, it is important that your website reflects the growth. Scientific studies introduce new, more effective treatments and technologies to medical practitioners on a regular basis. A customized site gives you the opportunity to introduce your current and prospective patients to advances through educational articles, videos, and blog posts.

Mobile technologies have changed the way people interact with their world. A website must be user-friendly regardless of the platform it is being viewed from or new visitors will move on to the next site in a heartbeat. Though a template may currently function on multiple devices, it does not have the ability to incorporate changes over time. A template based design could be obsolete after only a year or two, as opposed to a custom website with a team of skilled professionals ensuring you stay up-to-date.

Optimized for Maximum Visibility


Increasing Visibility for Business


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technical term that basically means you are easy to find online. When people search for chiropractors in your area, a page that has been optimized to make current search engine algorithms happy will bring those patients to you. The higher you are in the search engine rankings, the more visible you will be to the people searching for your services. Gone are the days when throwing in the right keywords would land you on page one. Google has taken into account the more organic nature of internet use and looks for personal connections. Quality content in the form of educational materials, patient testimonials, and new blog posts will help you stay current and connected.

More Bang for Your Buck

Any type of website design and marketing strategy will require an investment. Make your hard earned dollars work for you by investing in a company that will help you attract more patients while keeping current patients pleased. Chiropractors and other medical professionals often shy away from calling their practices businesses because human health and well-being is the main priority. Converting website visitors to patients cannot happen if your website does not cater to the human side of the business. You will see a greater return on investment by employing an experienced team of web designers and online marketing professionals.

First-Class Marketing Services


1st Class Customer Service


Online marketing specialists stay current on the most effective marketing strategies available to amplify your conversion rate. When it comes down to it, you are presenting your “brand” to the world when you establish a web presence. Optimized360 can work with you to develop or update your brand. They will develop ads that will represent your brand in a consistent manner. This actually creates trust with patients. People want to know the chiropractor they saw in the advertisement is really going to provide reliable services. If patients see one thing online and another when they walk through your door for the first consultation, it tends to make them wonder if the services and treatments on your website will also be different.  Social media is where people are increasingly finding new information. It is the newest version of word-of-mouth advertising.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Chiropractors are in the business of relieving pain. Patients often live with pain for many years before searching for resolutions. A social media presence will give those people more opportunities to come across your services. Facebook and Twitter are just two of the places people stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates. When someone has had a positive experience under your care, they are likely to share that experience in their online social realms. In fact, it is a great idea if you talk with current patients and ask them to visit your pages to relay their superb experience.

Posting frequently to social media accounts that are linked to your website help improve search engine rankings. Using social media to promote wellness programs is a wise move. You can describe services and educate patients in an informal setting that will often put them at ease. Patients want to feel validated when visiting a chiropractor because you are often the last in a long line of medical professionals they have seen. They read the testimonials and see that you have provided others with hope.

Manage Your Reputation


Reputation Management


A superior online marketing team monitors your website and social media accounts. It is impossible to keep everyone happy 100% of the time. One of the benefits of a marketing team is their experience with turning negative situations into positive opportunities for growth. When new visitors see you work with unhappy patients in a constructive manner, it speaks to your humility and professionalism. If you chose a template based design, you are on your own when it comes to putting out wildfires caused by dissatisfied patients. Rest easy knowing we have your back in more way than one.

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