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How much is too much?

Social marketing is vital for chiropractic practices to stay current and meet the needs of both prospective and current patients, but can too much of a good thing exist? Blog posts offer an incredible way to provide informational content, office updates, and new promotions to visitors. Balance is key to using the power of the blog. If you post too often, you run the risk of annoying your patients who follow you on social media. On the other hand, if you don’t post enough, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant in the eyes of the search engines.

A plan is your friend when it comes to establishing your blog. Decide how you intend to use the blog and how often you plan to post. You must understand your demographic and what they will be looking for when they seek chiropractic information online. There is a bit of an experimental phase you will go through to determine the preferred length of posts, and which types of posts get the most social media attention regarding shares, likes, and retweets. It is perfectly acceptable to modify your blog until you discover what hits that sweet spot.

General Guidelines


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Consistency is key here. There is not a magic number that all chiropractors should follow to experience success. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to both visitors and rating algorithms. If you post content that provides valuable information every other week, that is going to go over better than fluff that gets thrown up hastily two or three times a week. It is important to choose a posting schedule that will work best for you. Medical professionals often get excited to share with patients and visitors when they first start their blogs but quickly get burned out when the blog is slow to gain followers. Keep in mind; a blog is only one piece of the overall picture when it comes to solid marketing for chiropractors.

A blog is one tool that will help you get noticed online thanks to Google’s algorithms. More than 80% of the adult population will search for medical information online, especially when you factor in smartphone usage. Healthcare blogs are incredibly popular because people feel like they are getting the same type of information they would get if they were sitting in the chiropractor’s office. Google keeps track of the number of visits a blog receives and also ranks the blog so it to will show up in online searches.

Use Caution

HIPAA exists online too. Chiropractors and all those posting on social media in the name of the doctor must be cognizant of HIPAA regulations. The most obvious restrictions concern discussing actual cases since there could be other “health information identifiers” hidden in the details of a case. Also, be careful to take the needs of your target audience into consideration. Keep offensive material that could be used for “shock-value” off of your blog and social media sites.  Make sure the information provided is reliable to help build your credibility as a source of relevant information.

Chiropractic Website Design

Rich, custom content is a hallmark feature of top-ranking chiropractic websites. There is a reason you hear the term cookie cutter in regards to websites that look and feel the same. Visitors are not going to explore your site long enough to click your call to action button of they see the same type of information as they have seen on the last three chiropractic sites they visited. Unique content will help you stand out from the crowd. Remember, a website must be responsive to rank well with Google at this point. As screen size grows smaller and changes with each new generation of technology, it is vital that your website is user-friendly regardless of the type of screen on which it is opened.


Blogs Inspire Activity


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When your blog is an integral part of your website, it helps boost online activity which is a positive factor in your search engine rankings. Blogs are interesting entities that are part of any distinguished chiropractic website design, and they are one piece of a larger social marketing strategy. Chiropractors have the opportunity to become an integral part of their patients’ lives as relationships are solidified through an active online presence that includes an integrated blog.

The Nature of the Blog

When people visit your blog, they are looking for relevant posts that are also fun. People don’t log into Facebook to learn about spinal decompression. They’ll check out your services section to look up information about specific procedures. Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for places snippets and summaries of information that can be found on your website or within your blog. Give visitors just enough information, so they will recognize the credibility of your words and want more. Periodic updates to social media which include links to blog posts and articles on your website guide patients to quality information.

A blog, in some ways, is like a little website within a website. Not only do blogs provide a venue for sharing current information, they also allow medical professionals to market their skills without seeming pushy. Chiropractors may choose to answer commonly asked patient questions using a conversational question and answer format. Credibility as an authority in your field grows as your exposure on social media grows and more people visit your blog and website.

Inform, Don’t Lecture


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Chances are that the people reading your blog posts are adults. Most of them finished their formal schooling years ago. They are looking for concise information that is delivered in a professional, yet entertaining way. The days where they glean information from a stark lecture are long gone. Preventative medicine, exercise, stretches, and nutrition are great topics chiropractors can cover that will provide legitimate information in an informal way that will not be mistaken for a diagnosis or treatment plan. Whatever direction you choose to take, make sure you can commit to maintaining an active presence online because patients will come to depend on the information they find on your blog.

Optimized360 can help you determine the outcomes you hope to achieve with your blog. Is your primary purpose in providing information to perform a community service?  Perhaps it is part of your SEO strategy to help improve search engine rankings and overall visibility. For some chiropractors, an active blog helps them utilize time spent with patients more effectively since commonly asked questions have already been answered. If you are ready to reap the benefits that come along with a professional blog, contact the team at Optimized360 to get started.

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