Top 10 Dental Website Hero Images

Check Out These Top 10 Dental Website Main Images

In the movies, heroes are known to save the day, and when it comes to dental website designs attractive, clean, accessible hero images have become a common trend, sometimes saving a website, and with good reason.

What’s a hero image? A hero image is defined as “is a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center.” They work to help your dental practice immediately connect with and solicit an emotional reaction from your target audience.

In dental websites there are three major categories of hero (or header) images:

Vanity Image

Vanity images (the title is not meant to offend) showcase the dental practice’s staff, key doctors, sometimes even the office itself. This is a chance for the dental office to show smiling happy, friendly faces in a comfortable environment.

Community Image

A great way for a website to directly connect with the community it serves – show the community or an area landmark. The webpage visitor immediately recognizes the locale or image and gets the sense that this practice is well-rooted in the community.

Perfect Patient Image

Dental and other medical websites are littered with stock photography of smiling beautiful people, active healthy seniors, cute kids with big grins. These models often look like they just arrived from central casting. 

However, these images do the job they’ve been selected to do. They connect that practice’s target demographic directly to the doctor’s office.

The following are 10 of the top dental website hero images. See if you can spot which category each belongs.

Royal Oak Dental Group

This dental web design projects a friendly and professional image. The main hero picture shows the faces of the entire office staff at each location – not just the dentists. This gives the impression that Royal Oak Dental Group operates like one big family. Visitors may find this refreshing and unpretentious. They may also feel more comfortable getting to know the people depicted in the images before their first appointments.

Raleigh Endodontics

Located in central Raleigh, NC, this dental practice chose to use an image of the Raleigh skyline in the autumn. Here you’ll find a relaxed environment that will be like a breath of fresh air after visits to other offices, a low-pressure location where your comfort is a primary concern.

Advantage Dental

Advantage Dental goes for eye-catching fun on their hero image. Humans and dogs are welcome. The use of dark-contrast and bold colors help convey a sense of professionalism, that does not take itself too seriously.

Bethesda Family Dentistry

This dental website clearly presents a calm and quiet business office and a practice that listens to their patients. Even as the remained of the site’s imagery is downplayed the pictures of their patients is brightly colored in blues, whites, and yellows. Blue is a comforting color associated with trust while yellow exudes an air of positivity and happiness. These two colors in combination make the viewer feel good about the site and the staff they’ll work with when they go to the practitioner’s office.

Chu Dental Group

One of the many landmarks in San Antonio, Texas is the San Antonio River Walk. This dental website incorporates a stunning image of the river walk and projects an inviting facility with warm, friendly staff, every aspect coming together to reinforce this first impression. From the autumnal colors to the order that information is presented it gives a feeling of being welcomed.

Smile Moderne

Youth, ambition, beauty, and speed. Everything about this site brings these four elements together in a high-tech and avant-garde presentation. From the first moment, a visitor is on this website they’re shown slick efficiency with immediate access to making an appointment and information about the practitioner. For a website that’s serving a modern and youthful community, this is the perfect design choice and execution.

Artisan Dental

Patients visiting a dental office want their smile to shine and the website hero image at Artisan Dental in Madison, Wisconsin show 10 gorgeous smiles of the Artisan Dental team. Who wouldn’t want to visit this office?

Arbor Dental Group

Young, fresh, and in touch with the lifestyle of modern families, Arbor Dental Group’s website is a beautiful piece of design with a strong eye to its target audience in San Jose, California. The sharpness of the design helps to draw in visitors and keep them looking for information from this authority on dental care.

Diana Dental

Home, comfort, relaxation. It’s an unexpected combination for a dentist’s office, but it’s not going to cause any nervousness or sense of pressure in the visitor. This site is wanting patients to feel welcomed and maybe a little enticed to enjoy a day at the dentist. The staff, especially the dentist himself, is looking to get to know you and form a professional relationship that will be developed from mutual respect. Is that a lot to get from a simple site? Maybe, but that’s what excellent design services will get you.

Midtown Dental Care

This website main image is actually a time-lapse video clip of midtown New York City and screams, “New York!” Top to bottom, it is filled with scrolling pictures of city views from the office itself. For New Yorkers who know their city well, this helps them to better identify with the practice and feel comfortable scheduling an appointment. We also included images of some of the advanced technology available at the practice – something that is in high demand in a city that tends to offer the crème de la crème in medical and dental care.

Web hero images, when done well, contextualize and complement a dental practice’s value proposition and increase the clarity of the presentation. They help your prospective new patients quickly understand who you are as a dentist, who you serve and the community you serve.

There are an infinite amount of designs and styles you can execute in a hero image; that’s why it’s an important thing to test, adjust and test some more. If you are experienced you can take some of these best practices (pretty people, landmarks, office staff, etc), and see what works best for your dental website.

And if you need any assistance, you can always count on the experts at Optimized360. Ask about our FREE CONSULTATION.

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