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Changing 1 Word Saved Me $3000 in Google Ad Costs

Google’s main objective and which has made them successful over the years is providing an optimum user experience. That means that Google intends to help web visitors what they are looking for. One way Google determines this is by measuring what is called CTR (Click Through Rate) the middle column in the screenshots below).

In a scenario where two people click on your Google Ad, every 100 times it has been displayed, you would have a 2% CTR. Google encourages its advertisers to maintain good CTRs because this means people are finding what they were searching for. Google makes more money and you, the advertiser get great exposure and will save some money. 

Think of it this way. Google has more advertisers than it can service. Let’s say you have a nice CTR of 5% and another advertiser has a ho-hum 2% CTR So, if Google shows your ads 100 times, your ad can expect to gets 5 clicks and the other doctor will only get 2 clicks. Now, if Google wants to make $20 from the 100 impressions (each time the advertisement is shown), it needs to charge you only $4 per click, but, the other doctor has to pay a whopping $10 per click!

Imagine, you both get the same patients to your website, but, he paid $10 for him and you paid only $4 for each visitor. Now if he wants to outbid you, he needs to bid $11 ($22 total), but you can turn around and $5 ($25 total) and he is out again. 

PPC can be tricky, choose your keywords carefully
As you can see below, this sample PPC campaign has one keyword phrase earning a solid 3.10% CTR and a $7.45 per click cost.
a little creativity and experimentation in your PPC words can save thousands
Words and phrases with good CTR % should be your focus.

In contrast, after the removal of “#1…” and “Top-Rated”, this campaign’s new ads best CTR is 2.4% and a $9.89 per click cost. That is an almost 25% increase in cost. You can now easily see that in a long run and with a $1,000 budget, simply removing a few words like “#1” can save you $250 per month!

Can you see how working with experts in PPC and SEO like Optimized360 can pay for itself?

a little creativity and experimentation in your PPC words can save thousands
Poor performing words and phrases should be reviewed and eliminated.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of paid search as part of your practice’s overall marketing campaign? Whether you’re looking for PPC consulting, PPC management, a paid search audit, an organic SEO audit, or Social Media marketing, put Optimized360 to work for you.

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