many things are common between all great websites

Can You Spot the Similar Features in These Great Websites?

These custom dental and medical websites all have similar features. Why? Because they work to bring new patients.

When designing a custom website for our medical and dental clients we start from a blank canvas (figuratively), but we incorporate key elements and features that have been proven successful across hundreds of sites built.

In this article, we will examine the commonalities shared between 5 great looking and performing websites.

Take a brief look at the following slideshow gallery and see if you can spot the similarities. Later in the article, we will drill down to why these components are placed on the page, what contribution to the site these all make and then look under the hood at a few behind the scenes elements that every great website must include.

Now that we’ve previewed the above 5 great websites, let’s now dive deep into what each of the components on the page do, why they’re included and how each play an important role in providing a great user experience. And how they contribute to a great converting website that generates new patient opportunities.

key elements of any great medical or dental website

The back-end of every website is just a critical as the user interface. Here we will take a look at a few technical elements your next great website from Optimized360 will include.

these important features are found under the hood of your great website

A website that incorporates the numerous elements shown above will ensure that your wеbѕitе is as efficient and effective аѕ possible. Yоu’ll be confident that it’ѕ helping present you to the vast sea of web visitors and aiding you in converting these to nеw patients.

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