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Can a Website Design Used in One Specialty Be Suitable for Other Medical Professions?


You’re in the market for an updated website. Logically, the first thing you do is start to look at websites that you like. After hours of searching online you narrow it down to three different layouts that you just know will make your family medicine practice shine. But every example you found was from a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dentists website. Uh-oh. Can you use those websites as templates to make yourself a killer website, or should you consult with a marketing firm experienced in medical websites to choose something unique to you?

First the Good

The great thing about a physician who takes the time to actually search online for websites he or she finds useful is that you’re involved in the process. And because of that, you’ll have a good idea of what you do and don’t like. Additionally, you’ll understand what functionality you want your website to have. This might include HIPAA compliant email function or allowing patients to schedule appointments online.

When you go into the design process with a clear understanding of what you like, you’re capable of achieving the look you want faster and more efficiently.

Then the Bad

The bad part about falling in love with a template on a website is that the template might not be the best choice for your specialty. Additionally, you’re seeing the website laid out with images specifically chosen for it and with colors that were designed to work with it. Once your brand colors and photos are used with the template, you might totally hate it.

It’s important to remember that although you might like the way a website looks, a professional web design and marketing team might suggest an alternative option that’s actually better. Keeping an open mind when going through the design process is a crucial part of getting an exceptional product.

A Custom Website is Always Best



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A custom website is always going to be your best option. This is because when you decide to purchase a custom website, every single component of it will be designed to meet the needs of your business. So if your primary goal is to get leads through people scheduling appointments on your website, the designer will work to create a site that funnels people toward that goal.

Additionally, when you have a custom website made you’re given the unique opportunity to work one on one with the designer. They will listen to your needs and wants, talk about what you like and dislike, learn about your brand identity, and design a website that truly meets your needs. Learn more about how your website is an important part of branding in this article.

Get a Website That Matches Your Brand



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Your brand is unique. You’re unlike any other medical practice around. Because of that you do not want your medical website template to look like that of every other medical website out there. By creating a website that aligns with your brand you’re given the opportunity to truly capture and communicate who you are, what you believe, and what you value to your audience.

Additionally, you want your website to be medical specialty specific. Not every layout is created equally nor does every template work for every specialty. For example, if you’re an internal medicine doctor, you aren’t going to want a website that looks like that of a plastic surgeon. Why? Because a cosmetic surgeon is trying to communicate a very different message than an internal medicine doctor. Moreover, cosmetic surgery is elective, while people go to an internist out of necessity. This differentiating feature will make a big difference in the tone of your website.

Focus on SEO




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Not every website is designed to be SEO friendly, although every website should be. A custom website will ensure that your site is created to meet the demands of search engines. This includes everything from the back end design, to the photos chosen and alt tags applied, to the content on your website.

When you work with a designer and marketing team to make your website SEO friendly, they’ll pay attention to things that might be overlooked if you’re using a template. For example, your navigation structure might need to be different than what the template offers or you might want to have a more hands on approach to handling website redirects and duplicate content.

All of this is possible with a custom website.

Stand Out from Competitors

There are billions of websites out there. Don’t let your website get lost in the noise of the vast internet. Instead, create a website that is uniquely you and stands out from everyone else. When you make it your goal to stand out from the competition you’re essentially saying that you’re focused on creating a website that was made for your customers.

Every aspect of your website should cater to what they want and expect. A custom website for doctors makes this possible.

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