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Branding your Medical Practice

Brands carry the power to carve out a niche for you that will help you stand out from the crowd. Instant recognition is the goal of any brand. A medical practice is a business in need of a medical marketing plan that includes the creation of a strong brand and logo. The faster a practice figures out the main things that make them unique, the faster it can figure our how to hook visitors.

Some dental and medical website design ideas include sections where patients get to know physicians, dentists, and office team members. When visitors return for the next installment of your adventures, you know the hook works.

Fans of color theory take website design for dentists in another direction. By sticking to a theme or specific color palette in online and offline dental marketing ideas, dentists and physicians create an image that strengthens their brand and name recognition. Reality teaches us that names are forgotten, but brands are remembered and often accompanied by a story.

Create Your Brand

What is it that will give you an edge over your competitors? Have your physicians or dentists pioneered a specific treatment method that makes them different in their field? Perhaps you have already discovered your niche and have chosen to emphasize certain personality traits when creating your brand.

Technological distinctions happen when a practice has focused on being innovators in their field with the help of new technologies and the related training. Occasionally, one practice can capture the market on a particular procedure or technology by licensing rights for a limited amount of time.

Here are steps your medical marketing team should take as they develop your brand awareness. It makes sense for people to understand what they can expect if they choose you to be their care provider.

Stay Consistent


"Be Consistent" text imposed over image of medical professionals planning their website brand


It does not take long for patients to figure out if they’ve been duped into believing you are one thing online only to encounter a different environment when they arrive for that first appointment. Your brand must be consistent in how it is used in advertisements and how well it conveys your message to your target audience. When your message stays consistent, you will build a brand awareness that lasts long-term. The fact that you stay true to yourself is so much simpler than trying to uphold a persona that does not exist.

Team members should get together to brainstorm what they each thinks makes the practice stand out. As commonalities arise, you will begin to see a direction that will capture the essence of your practice to include in your brand. Maybe you have unusual hours to help accommodate patient schedules, or your practice was certified in one specialty area before others in your region. Do not try to spread your practice too thin by focusing on too many areas of expertise. Yes, your dental and medical website design will include links to a variety of content, but one simple message should stand above the rest.

Bring Employees on Board

Team members can make or break a brand quickly depending upon how they embrace the brand identity in person. When all of the team members reinforce the image that is portrayed by your brand, it helps build trust and credibility. From the first person they see when they enter your office to the care team and the billing department, your team must present a united front to benefit from maximum brand impact. Whether it is in the office, on the phone, or in the community, the prevailing attitude of employees can send patients to you or push them away.

Build Credibility


Rubber Stamp used on paper with wording 'trusted partner'


As team members adopt the ideas and attitudes behind your brand, the consistency and dependability of your message will carry through to patients. Are you and your team ready to deliver on your pledge to provide care with flare? Whatever you chose as the great differentiator between you and your competitors needs to stand up to the test of time. By honoring that which you have pledged your brand to represent, your brand builds credibility. When dental marketing ideas promote a brand that matches the care experience, chances are that it is a brand you will see for years to come.

Make Your Brand Known

Now that you have a brand that captures you and your practice, you want to get that brand out there for others to see. Of course, you should start by making sure your brand can be seamlessly woven into your website. External display tactics like signs, brochures, and business cards can help make your brand visible. Remember, once people are introduced to your brand, they will expect you to deliver on brand promises. Make sure your team is ready to maintain the tone set by your brand because the vibe from your team will end up defining you in the long run. You definitely want your brand to carry positive connotations, or you could end up doing years of damage control.

What is the Buzz All About?


Woman hand showing speech bubble with megaphone and the words "LIKE" "SHARE" "CLICK", on blue background.


At Optimized360, we understand the benefits of a strong brand. Medical and dental practices deserve to benefit from the same kind of instant recognition afforded retailers who work to create a brand and image that sticks with customers. The brand itself is not to be confused with a sales pitch though. It is a unique entity that sends a message or makes an unspoken promise as to the quality of care that can be expected. Keep the quality of care consistent with the message and people will happily spread awareness of your brand.

Website design for dentists and physicians should be as unique as the individuals behind those websites. Creating a niche for your brand will happen naturally when you choose to promote that which makes you different or that which makes you human. Gather your team, so the practice as a whole gets behind your brand to help carve a place for it in your area. Embrace the creative ways your team comes together to develop your brand.

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