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Best Dental Websites 2016

Google Reviews Speak Volumes

With a 5-star Google Review Rating, it is crystal clear that Optimized 360 creates satisfied clients in the dental and medical fields. The experience of developing over 2,100 websites assures new and revamped dental websites receive the attention online they deserve. It is no wonder doctors turn to us to troubleshoot existing sites and help with dental SEO—Search Engine Optimization. Dental practitioners who are lucky enough to start out with us see their web presence established in days. Websites are customized designed to look better and run faster for ease of patient use.  We take care of everything, so you will not have to spend much time on your website.

Purpose and Design of Dental Websites

Websites are created to increase business. Dental websites are geared toward attracting new patients and being there to educate and inform current patients. Each dental website we manage encourages visitors to call or click for an appointment. Effective websites for dentists make click-through easy and provide enough information to draw new patients to the practice. Our goal is to spend time with each client so the website designed reflects your image.

Custom is the word of the day. Everything from graphics to content is customized for each client. The introductory pages are unique in how they roll/scroll seamlessly and provide an incredible amount of information in a simplistic format. Patients with little or no technical know-how navigate easily. Slideshows and videos introduce people, services, and actual procedures.  No more cookie-cutter pages with design exclusivity in your area. We build the site from the ground up, with you maintaining ownership over the domain and design. We are marketing professionals who maximize conversion rates and use quality ads across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. Your ads and social media sites will be mobile friendly so prospective patients are only one click away.

Five Top Dental Websites of 2016


Dental Website Design for Dentists


Westlake Smile Studio has a stunning website. Uses photo slideshows of the office to emphasize professionalism and modernity…sleek and neutral with pops of culture and color. Crisp, clean pictures on white backgrounds captivate, but easily redirect focus to the high contrast text. Extra large thumbnails featuring happy patients ensure click-through to unlimited linked pages.


Dental Websites for Dentists

Bates Dental modern yet warm and welcoming. Warm natural tones and dark woods are used with modern flair. The environment is easy to maneuver and offers multiple points of contact for patients throughout the site. This practice is currently on the first page of Google for Spokane Dentist.


San Juan Capistrano Dental Website

Radiant Smiles Dental Care  is located in an area wrought with natural radiance. Photos from the area are used as background images to develop a connection to the community. Information is easily attainable from the introductory page.


Dental Websites for Dentists

Dental Innovations says hello with relaxing blues. Pops of color appear in backdrop photos that are rife with smiling kids and happy people. It is easy to load, even with an introductory video and video testimonials available from the introductory page. A sense of openness is created which builds trust.


Dentist Websites

Sonoma Family Dentistry  opens with a gorgeous backdrop scene from Sonoma, CA. Text and background consistently contrast for easy readability. Pages feel light and airy but provide substance in sizeable, labeled thumbnails to promote click-through. Our client is currently dominating her market on the first page of Google for Dentist in Sonoma.

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