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Best Dental Lab Website Designs


Online engagement is more important than ever before, no matter your industry, and it’s driven by Search Engine Optimization and social media. Dental lab website designs were once able to get away with being fairly utilitarian and straight-forward, but those days have passed. Now every element of the best dental lab websites are carefully considered and leveraged at catching the attention of potential clients and truly demonstrating what they can do.


Stay Relevant With Responsive Mobile Design


person holding mobile device browsing a mobile responsive website


This is so important that it’s one of the first things you should consider in your design, and it needs to be considered from the beginning. The majority of website views happen on some form of mobile device, primarily phones, so the importance of designing with this platform in mind can’t be understated.  If you have an existing site, this should be your main focus during your update.


Branding Your Lab

Your dental lab’s brand, its unique visual identity, is a vital part of your advertising strategy. This means you need to optimize your use of color, the design of your logo, even your letterhead into the design of your site to bring your brand into center stage on your website. No website overhaul or design can truly be started until you have a professionally design logo, as the personality of that logo should extend itself into the rest of the site.


Get Results With Calls To Action


it is imperative to have a clear call to action on your medical website


From the very beginning, you need to be directing your visitors to take action and take advantage of the products and services you offer.  This means including your contact information right up front, both email, address, and phone number should be front and center. The upper quarter portion of the website is prime real estate on a website, and that’s where your contact information can be presented, along with your social media icons.


Parallax Is Power


important style to your dental lab website


Parallax design is a powerful visual element that has been hot since it was first introduced into web design. This describes designs where the background of the website scrolls at a rate slower than the foreground, which creates a 3D design that can add a professional touch to your website that will leave your visitors wowed.  


Keep It Fresh, Keep It Relevant

One of the most neglected areas of website design, especially among professional and industrial sites, is regularly and consistently maintained content. Google takes how recently your content has been updated into consideration in its rankings, and the relevance of that content to your sites target audience.  

Video: Seeing Is Believing

Video is an important tool in reaching your customers, allowing you to connect with prospective clients in a way that builds rapport. Additionally, those sites that contain video rate higher than those that don’t so content-rich design is vital. Embed and cross-link videos on your site, and establish a YouTube channel to leverage the power of video.

Utilizing these elements in your website design will ensure that you provide current and relevant information to your visitors in a format that puts your best foot forward.


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