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Bad Reviews on Yelp? Get the Help You Need with Reputation Management

Do your bad reviews pop-up on the 1st page of Google?

When searching your business by name, negative reviews on Yelp and other third party review sites may impact your star ratings and contradict the good things patients are saying about you. Third party review sites offer a disconnected sort of anonymity, which means people may be more likely to leave negative reviews. These bad reviews can take many forms and may very well be spam, or they could be a completely inaccurate rendition of events. Review management for doctors is vital to maintaining your reputation, especially online.

We guide you in properly fighting bad reviews by giving you control over what your audience sees, thereby empowering your business. We can help you earn your stars back so prospective patients will be drawn to your website. With our advanced review tool, you have the ability to eliminate 2-star ratings before they impact your overall star rating. As with all good things, it does take the time to make a solid impact on star ratings. Of course, the goal of improved star ratings is to attract new patients, so screening the reviews ahead of publication gives you more control over your business.

Ease of Access is a Good Thing

Patients will abandon their efforts to leave you with a remarkable review if they have to jump through too many hoops to get started. We make it easy for patients to write reviews on your business listing without having to go through a middleman. Who wants to have to create an account or sign-in to sites like Yelp just to leave a review? This can present a barrier for patients and inhibits many from writing you spectacular reviews. The easier it is for patients to connect, the more likely that review will take a positive spin.

Business Review Central is Here for You


Business Review Central is a Reputation Management tool for doctors


We have our own advanced review tool to put you in charge of your online ratings. Business Review Central is the backbone behind our reputation management for doctors. We create a practice listing that is your dedicated business review page. Not only can patients reach this page via your website, but it will also show up in online searches for your practice. Patients can leave a review with no strings attached. Business Review Central will give you the opportunity to approve the reviews you feel accurately represents your practice. It also allows you to prevent negative reviews from going public and gives you a chance to reach out and deal proactively with unhappy patients.

Are you ready for the best part?

Reviews will not go public until after you have had a chance to review them. You get to be the judge as to the accuracy and validity of reviews before making them public. Internet trolls do exist. These are people who simply look for ways to cause trouble on the internet. Sometimes the issue may show up as a spam filled “review” which is usually an attempt at free advertising not related to your practice. Other times, it could be a biased review that is not truly related to services you provided. Check out our video to see how easy it is to control what is made public.

Review Management for Doctors

Over time, you can increase your star rating by screening reviews before they are made public. Two-star reviews are never made public without your approval. Not only does our alert system let you know when a new review is written on the review page we created for you, but it will also notify of reviews completed on third-party sites like Yelp. In fact, you will receive notification whenever your name or business is mentioned online.

Since knowing is half the battle, our review management for doctors gives you the chance to fight bad reviews.  With our advanced review tool, you are given options when evaluating reviews. You can accept the review as-is or remove the review altogether. The dashboard gives you an opportunity to reply to the review in addition to editing said review before it goes live.

Built in SEO Allows Patients to Find You


Built in SEO for your Site


We are one of the few to provide reputation management for doctors that incorporate SEO strategies so both prospective and current patients can find your listings and reviews. Our goal is to optimize your review page so it will show up high on search result lists. Prospective patients know that a medical practice will put its best foot forward when promoting its services. This is why they will often turn to reviews and testimonials from current patients to get a feel for overall patient satisfaction.

When these prospective patients find your review page, they are also given an easy way to connect to your website. The activity generated as people visit both the review page and your website is noticed by Google, which in turn boosts organic search ratings. As your search rating climbs, more people will see you online. Of course, this ultimately boosts conversion rates, which translates into new patients for your practice.

Empowering Your Loyal Patients to Leave Glowing Reviews Will Attract New Patients

Reputation management is important because people do often view others’ opinions as more valid than the image created on your website. Most people understand nobody is perfect. It is often how you respond to neutral or negative criticism that makes the difference between you coming off as cold and crass or as a human being who will work hard to rebuild the doctor/patient relationship. Optimized 360 offers a broad package that includes the 360 Reputation Shield. Legitimate reviews come from patients who have visited your practice. They know the name of the doctor and the business they are searching for online. Your business listing will give current and future patients a way to connect with one another through reviews. It goes without saying, the listing is also linked to your main website, so new visitors have a way to connect instantly.

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