Does your dental website suffer from any of these problems?

8 Problems with Dental Websites

Dental websites act as a mechanism that connect dentists with their online customers. So it is rather surprising to find out that in mid 2018 there still are many dental practices that do not have a website, or have one that’s just not up to current standards and user expectations. For a dentist, having and maintaining an optimized website is crucial to acquiring new patients, building credibility and nurturing client relationships.

In order to help dentists understand exactly what may be wrong with their dental websites. the following are some common problems present in dental websites and a few suggestion on how to overcome these.

Common Problems with Dental Websites

They Are Boring

It is easier to find dental websites that get updated at constant intervals. This is because these websites tend to give users an engaging experience and are ranked higher on search engines. When you run your own dental website this might be a time-consuming and frustrating activity for you. Avoid all this hustle by hiring content strategists and copywriters who will handle this task for you. This may be beneficial to you as it will help free up more time for you to tend o your clients or cultivate new business.

You could also have your dental website built on a content management system (CMS). This includes platforms like WordPress that make it easy to generate and update new content.

They Lack Social Media Links

In any aspect of digital marketing, social media platforms form a key component. By featuring social media links on your website you are allowing your customers to share their experience with your brand via social channels. Your dental website is also getting free promotion as these reviews reach people that you hadn’t targeted.

They Aren’t Optimized for SEO

Dental websites can be pretty similar in a very competitive market. The means that online discoverability is important as it helps clients to find your dental website. Good SEO helps your dental website to get high rankings on search engines.

They Lack a Strong Call-to-Action

Most dental websites suffer by missing a strong call to action. This means that many customers will not be able to distinguish between what services you are offering and why they are visiting your website. These dental websites also fail to provide users with intuitive methods to contact the dentists.

important elements to your dental website

They Are Not Mobile Responsive

Most the internet users use handheld devices to access the internet. By ensuring that your dental website is mobile friendly assures you of better conversion rates. It is also important to note that as of March 2018, Google made it a requirement for ranking websites.

They Were Built From a Template

Far too many dental websites are poorly designed. This is because the cost of designing a quality, custom-built website is not cheap. Using shortcuts such as using cookie-cutter templates may turn out to be expensive as poor designs are likely to drive away potential customers, and often fail to rank in search engines.

They Are Not Using Video

Most dental websites don’t use modern methodologies such as the use of embedded video. Use of video helps attract and retain the web visitors and makes it easier for dentists to convey and interact with their prospective patients.

They Are Old

Most dental websites are old, meaning built in 2015 or earlier. This means that they may suffer from just about all conditions listed above. The greatest risk of having an out-dated website is that the content and flow may not have been updated since its original publishing. Fresh, relevant and interesting content is the #1 factor is attaining, keeping, holding the visitor’s interest so that they may connect with your practice.

If your dental website has any of the problems listed above, it is strongly suggested that you engage with Optimized360 today and begin to bring your website to modern standards and performance.

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