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7 Reasons Why These Dental Websites Succeed

A website is as important as your office. It represents you and your practice to people who are making the decision about where they will get their dental care. Sometimes it’s their first impression of your business. Just like your office, your website should be professional and engaging, reflecting your brand, or style, in the design.

Studies show visitors spend 15 seconds on your website before they make a decision to stay or go. To keep those visitors around long enough to read your content, it’s important that your message is clear, your navigation is user-friendly, and your contact information is easy to find.

When these three things are not done well, people will leave the website quickly, so these should be the priority when creating a website that builds your business.

Beyond these points a successful dental website needs to incorporate the following:

  • Patient testimonials are powerful. If you have patients who have had excellent experiences, it means a lot more to the website visitor to hear it in their own words.
  • Photos and videos can tell the story in a fresh way.
  • Paint the picture for your potential patient. What will their experience be on their first visit? What can they expect? How will they feel after a treatment?

Here are seven reasons why dental websites succeed and how you can do the same.

Contact Information

Your visitor has reviewed your site and likes what they see. They have decided you are the one for them and they are ready to make that appointment. Where do they go? What do they do? If it’s not clear, you’ve wasted all your hard work because now that they are ready to act, they don’t know how to reach the office. Make sure your contact information is featured prominently on every page. A map is always a welcome addition. Don’t forget to include your office hours!

green street dental hompage


This website for Greene Street Dental  has a very clear contact sidebar where visitors can read reviews, the phone number is large and obvious, the address, office hours, and the same day emergency service is clear. There is even an invitation for the first time visitor which leads to a page that gives an overview, mission, door-to-door directions, and what to expect. The address is also repeated at the bottom of the page.

A call-to-action is part of your contact information and should appear frequently.

User-friendly Navigation

If you have your site jam-packed with information but no one can find it, it’s useless. Even worse, it could aggravate your visitor and they might leave, never to return.

Greene Street Dental has navigation at the top, where people expect to find it, and drop-downs to direct visitors to the appropriate page. There are also five boxes addressing their most popular services that can be clicked in order to find out more.


Other people’s opinions influence decision-making, and it’s important to feature these on your website. Gentling Dental Care takes it to the next level. Not only do they feature reviews on their sidebar, they encourage people to leave a review by making it easy. Under the navigation tab “Write a Review” they provide links to Google, City Search, and Yelp, accessed by a simple click.

gentling dental care front pageClear Message

What do you do? Who is your primary client? What do you want them to know about you, first and foremost? There’s nothing more frustrating to someone looking for specific services to arrive at a website that is overly cluttered and vague. Tell what your specialties are, who you work with, what makes your practice unique, then expand on that with appropriate photos and images.

atlanta dental front page


The Atlanta Dental Spa has a section about half-way down on the home page that lists 12 reasons why they are the best choice, such as dental financing, minimally invasive dentistry, reversing cavities, and unprecedented hospitality.

The information on your site should be kept current. Like weeding a garden, remove that which is outdated and make sure you are offering accurate, timely content.


Dental services can vary widely and visitors want to know what you provide. Listing the services will benefit patients and potential patients, and help search engines when people look for those services.

The Atlanta Dental Center shows a variety of services in boxes with images and links to descriptions. The descriptions show the technology and before-and-after photos, answering common questions about the procedure.

Virtual tours of the facility increase the comfort level of the prospective patient because they can see where the services are performed. Videos can enhance engagement, but keep them short and focused.

A page of commonly asked questions is useful, and can be created from the questions you and your staff get from new and returning patients. Having the questions and answers shows you understand what your patients want and you are able to provide answers.


What can the patient expect when they come to your office? Here is where photos can have an impact. The Atlanta Dental Spa has a gallery of before and after pictures to demonstrate the changes cosmetic dentistry can achieve.

Real patient success stories inspire confidence and encourage someone who might have been reluctant to take action.


Is your office child-friendly? High-tech? Relaxing and pain-free? Your brand is made up of who you are and your business style and personality. That should be part of your successful website design. Set the tone using the right colors, words, photos, and layout.

By sharing your philosophy, purpose, and objective, it will help the visitor make their decision.


Kim Rioux's homepage


The brand, and look, of Kim Rioux, DDS portrays a classic image, with beautiful photos and clean lines. The staff photo is friendly and inviting, with a link to meet the team.

One More Thing

If you can check off all these items, you’re still not done. Since more and more people are using mobile devices to surf the web, it’s vital that your website looks good on smartphones and tablets. The same rules apply. Is it easy to navigate? Is your message clear? Is the contact information obvious?

Test it on a phone and tablet of your own or use this handy Google tool to check it out.

The result is a professional website that speaks well for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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