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5 Ways to Get More (and Better) Online Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Real talk for a minute: positive reviews and ratings are just about everything when it comes to online marketing. You can have a beautiful dental website, an incredible receptionist, fabulous paid advertising, and a social media presence that would make the Kardashians jealous, but if your online reputation stinks, not a single one of these factors will matter.

People care about what others are saying about you. In a world where people can literally purchase likes and followers on social media, honesty is everything. And in the online world, reviews are about as honest as you can get.

In order for a person to leave a review on a website like Google or Facebook, they need a personal account. Because of this people tend to look at these reviews as credible. Additionally, because these websites are social networks, they publish an individual’s review to their entire network of friends, as well as the public (reviews on these sites can’t be made private).

But if they are so valuable how do you go about getting positive dental reviews?

First off, it is important to pursue reviews because the more positive reviews you have about your practice the more people disregard any negative reviews. Positive reviews also help to push negative reviews down.

Reviews are also an important part of SEO. The more positive reviews that are out there about your practice, the higher your pages are likely to rank. Learn more about dental SEO in this blog post.

Here’s How You Can Attract More Dental Ratings

Invest in a Reputation Management Program


reputation management


Reputation management is the practice of attracting positive reviews and responding to negative reviews. It’s listening online to anything that might be being said about your practice and quickly responding.

This takes a lot of work and skill. That’s one of the reasons why it is important to call on an experienced team to help you with this. Reputation management will allow you to develop guidelines for responding to both positive and negative reviews, as well as a strategy for attracting those reviews.

Host Reviews On Your Website

By allowing patients to post reviews on your website without having to sign in to anything, you’re giving them the opportunity to provide feedback. Once you get feedback through your site’s review portal, you’ll be able to determine if the reviews are credible, worthy of a response, and worth publishing.

Hosting reviews on your website puts all the power in your hands so you have control over what is and is not seen.

Additionally, you’re making it easy for the reviewer. The easier it is, the more positive the review. Think about it. If a person has to struggle to post a review for you they will either abandon the process altogether or leave a mediocre review once they finally get through the whole login process.

Learn more about how to host reviews on your website in this blog post.

Recruit in Follow Up Emails


email marketing
Follow up emails are the perfect place to ask for a review, since they tend to have higher open and engagement rates.


When a patient schedules an appointment, cancels an appointment or opts to receive communication via email, make it a point to include in the footer an invitation to leave a review either on your website or on Google or Yelp. You can include links that make it easy for a person to access your individual page and quickly post a review.

In these emails remember to share with patients the importance of their review and how their reviews help to actually keep your practice accountable and share a good thing with others. When a person knows that their reviews have power, they feel empowered to put a good word in for the dental practice that they so love.

Train Your Staff to Ask

Your front office staff should be trained to identify potential patients who could leave positive reviews and ask them in a tactful manner to leave a review for your practice. Sometimes all you have to do is add a bit of a human element to your interaction with your patients and by asking for a review in person, you’re essentially appealing to that side.

In the end, it means you’ll get a better, more authentic review from whoever obliges your request.

Make It Easy

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting great reviews is to make it easy for people to review your practice. If you catch people right when they’re finishing a great experience with your practice, you can set yourself up to get a stellar review.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by equipping people with the technology to do so. Provide iPads in the office so that they can rate you while checking out. Or include iPads in the waiting area for patients to post a review when they come in for their next visit.

Your goal is to ultimately convince people you’re worth reviewing, then actually get them to review you. Learn more about making online reviews easy in this post.

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