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5 Ways to Create a Medical Website That New Patients Will Appreciate


The internet is comprised of literally billions of websites, and your dental website is going to be just one of the potentially hundreds in your local area. To set yourself apart is going to take an understanding of what drives new patients to select a particular provider, and how you can project that message to them. Follow these 5 guidelines of web design to sell yourself as the new home for your visitor’s dental care.


Establish A Foundation Of Trust


you will have confidence that your dental website is attracting new patients


It can be difficult to build trust in a digital environment, but we promise it’s the furthest thing from impossible.  Building trust requires that you establish yourself as a trusted source of information for your clients and a reputation for efficacy.


  • Powerful Media: Using media like photos and videos can lend a feeling of authority to your practice.  Demonstrate past successful procedures from real patients (with their consent, of course) and showcase things that generate a feeling of locality to help aid familiarity.
  • Statement Of Purpose: People like to know what drives the people handling their dental concerns, so provide a straightforward but heartfelt mission statement demonstrating your ideals.
  • Build That Brand: Make sure your brand, the identity of your practice, is consistent across all channels of media by having your logo and name of your practice prominently displayed.
  • Word Of Mouth: Nothing beats reviews from local patients who patronize your establishment, get a selection of reviews on your site and update them regularly.  If you can use video reviews, so much the better!


Direct Your Content to Prospective New Patients

New patients want to know they’re important to your practice, so take the time to provide enticing new patient offers and display them prominently. You don’t want to oversell it, but you want it clear and inviting.


Content That’s Unique And All You

Visitors will be looking for information on dental concerns far more often than they’ll be looking to make an appointment, that’s a secondary step in today’s world.  Your website should provide fresh and up to date content about the latest dental concerns, and then make it clear you’re the right one to trust with handling them.


A Professional Voice To Ease Their Fears


Your dental website should convey trust and experience



It’s no secret that people harbor deep fears about their visits to the dentist, and that means that once they’re on your site you have one goal that must be kept in mind.  Calming their fears.  Talk about how easy and painless modern practices are, talk about the friendliness of your staff and your experience dealing with those who harbor these fears.  Building rapport begins with your website.


A Clear Path To Information

Your website needs to be built to accommodate easy navigation for your patients.  Being a trusted source of information for your patients starts by providing a clear road to getting that information.  Make sure that access to your services, contact information, and recent blog posts about recent developments in your field are all just a click or two from your home page.  They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll keep coming back.


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