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5 Things You Can Do Today to Attract New Patients

Every dental practice has an attrition rate when it comes to retaining patients. People pass away, move, switch insurances. There’s a slew of reasons for this. However, the important thing to understand is how to attract new patients. Your goal as a business owner is to continually grow your dental practice through dental marketing and make sure there is a consistent stream of patients coming in for treatment.

As you grow your customer base you will exponentially increase your overall growth because of the fact that that’s more people to act as ambassadors for your website. So, how can you achieve this exponential growth? The best place to start is through well thought out marketing ideas for dentists. You can learn more about dental marketing in this article.

1) Design a Website That Converts



website conversions


Your website is often the first exposure people will have to your business. Because of this it’s important to design a website that interests visitors enough to get them to convert. If your website is seen by 3,000 people each month, but you only get one or two new patients out of those numbers, then your website isn’t doing its job.

Designing a website that converts will get you to the point that your website is doing a lot of the work for you. It’s providing the correct prompts and incentive to people to capture their information or get them to schedule an appointment, and gives them the opportunity to share your information.

As more and more people begin taking the actions that you want them to take, the higher your conversion rate it, the more people you have acting as your ambassador, and the more patients you will get over time.

2) Dental SEO

One of the best ways to attract new patients is to adopt dental SEO as a part of your many medical marketing strategies. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of creating a website and content that is useful to the people visiting your website.

Today’s audience is more aware and active than ever before. Search engines have become the number one source for answers to questions people are asking. And that’s exactly what a search is – it’s a question that people want answers to. By optimizing your website and allowing it to provide answers to those questions you’re showing visitors that you care enough to provide them with useful information.

Additionally, SEO is one of the most budget friendly ways to get new patients. This is because it works by getting your business in front of people who are already searching for what you have to offer. As a result, your visitors are further down the sales funnel and more likely to take action.

3) Reputation Management

reputation management


One of the best ways to manage your reputation is by creating programs that allow you to leverage a powerful patient experience.

Online reviews through Google and Facebook are the new word of mouth. They’re incredibly powerful in influencing a person’s decision as to whether they become a patient or not. This is because Google reviews places a strong emphasis on honesty. As a result, users are more likely to trust that reviews posted on them are reliable.

Additionally, online reviews leverage the power of peer influence to tell people that your dental practice is worth visiting and are incredibly impactful marketing strategies for dental practices. When people see members of the community and even friends leaving reviews for your practice, they’re more likely to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Testimonials are another way to share with website visitors how you’re impacting patients. Ask patients to share some words about their experience, then get their permission to post that on your website. People want to hear about what others have experienced when interacting with your business.

4) Pay-Per-Click Advertising



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Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get your website in front of interested audiences while you wait for your site to rank organically. Additionally, it is a very effective method that can get your ads in front of people searching for keywords that you might not rank for. This means when someone types in a competitor’s keyword or name you could appear in the paid search section of search results.

Once your PPC ads are created and approved, they’ll begin running. This is nearly instant and you can expect to see results within a day or two. Learn more about PPC advertising in this article.

5) Study Your Analytics

Your analytics can provide a clear picture of what’s happening on your website. If you’re doing everything you can to make your marketing for dental practices effective, but still aren’t sure what’s happening, take a look at your analytics. They can tell you a lot about user behavior on your site. For example, if you’re seeing a lot of people coming to your home page, but leaving right away, that could be a sign that your call-to-action or lead funnel might not be clearly directing them.

You want to use your website to guide people toward the next steps you want them to take. Analytics can tell you whether your website is effective, what people are doing on it, which pages are most effective and what pages need work. Additionally, your analytics could help you identify which geographical areas are visiting the most and help you determine if you need to focus more on those areas via local dental SEO or pay-per-click.


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