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5 Key Elements to Include In Your Website’s Design

To people actively searching for physicians, chiropractors, and optometrists, the fewer clicks, the better. If your website does not jump out at them from the start, it is no skin off their back to scroll to the next listing. Competition is fierce, even online. What can you do to give yourself a fighting chance? Well, having a team that understands the power of medical marketing strategies is a good place to start. Pair that with a customized medical website design and your online presence will speak for itself.

Set your website’s goals before design begins, so all components will work together to meet those goals. Both chiropractic websites and optometric websites are marketing tools, but they are so much bigger than that. Current and prospective patients will turn to you when they seek answers, so your website gives you a way to communicate with people 24/7. Once people find your page, it is high-quality content that will catch their eye.

Key #1:  SEO

Your website may be the most beautiful design ever created, but no one will see it if it is not search engine optimized. The best optimization begins within the design. At Optimized360, we take care of the on-site optimization before we launch your website. Our team performs an in-depth keyword analysis for your specialty and includes relevant keywords in your meta & alt tags. In real life, no one wants to slog through mire on the way to an appointment. Online life is similar in that search engine bots give preference to nice, clean HTML/PHP/CSS facilitated by the use of advanced HTML5 code. Think of it as a clear path that leads those who search right to you. As the owner of your website, these on-site factors are yours to control.

External factors come into play and can affect your online visibility. Off-site optimization is a bit trickier since you don’t have total control. We rely on what are known as “white-hat” methods to boost your search engine ranking ethically. By submitting articles on a regular basis, we ensure your website receives credit for being actively engaged with users. Our link building and reputation management services are top-notch. Optimized360 has developed proprietary techniques over the last ten years that take medical website design to the next level.

Key #2:  Review Tools


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Why do all of the work yourself? You have cultivated quality relationships with your patients, so why not let those relationships work for you? People tend to believe other people before they take your word for how great you are and how valuable your services are to your patients anyways. Modern day word of mouth medical marketing strategies includes review tools so happy patients can share their experiences with those seeking your services. Patients feel validated when their opinion counts. Newcomers appreciate that you listen to your patients and facilitate communication.

When you take it a step further and make improvements based on patient input, they will take notice and likely increase their willingness to share online through reviews and social media accounts. Video Testimonials add credibility to your practice and help establish you as an authority in your field to those just discovering you online. We make it easy for patients to provide feedback and we place the power of the review in your hands with our reputation management services.

Key # 3:  Video Power


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Do not underestimate the power of a crisp, clear video. We already discussed the power of video testimonials. With limited time on their hands, many people would rather click a short video to learn about you and your staff as opposed to reading your bios on the About Us page. Of course, like all good things, videos should be used strategically throughout your chiropractic websites.

YouTube makes marketing a bit easier since it is part of Google. Besides reviews and introductions, the bulk of your videos should be created to educate your audience. Content that provides the right amount of information to be helpful without providing diagnoses online will serve you best in building trust and credibility. Ensuring the video is embedded on your website, and social media accounts will create links between those sites and YouTube. This activity is good for SEO, too.

Key #4:  Educational Information

Video is just one of many forms of educational content that can and should be prevalent on optometric websites. Medical marketing strategies that include the addition of high-quality content over time reap the most benefit by generating activity and keeping the search engines happy. Keep a record of questions asked in person that are appropriate to address through online content. A wider group of current and prospective patients will appreciate you as a professional who answers questions before they even ask.

Now, you know patients are unique and come to you with different needs. One way of building trust and credibility is by recognizing the need for different types of educational content. Some visitors may prefer informal blog posts and videos while others look for in-depth articles and white papers. We include various types of content as part of your medical website design. By listening to patients and using common questions as the foundation of online content, you are also likely improving SEO since people performing online searches will type similar questions.

Key #5:  Google+ Local Listing


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A local business listing that is separate, yet linked, to your website will serve many purposes. Because it is an actual Google page, it provides an instant pathway for the search engine bots. People who search get a clear snapshot of who you are and what your practice is all about. Photos and quick bios or videos can be added to share important information. Your practice’s formal name, phone number, and address are included along with a link to directions that makes you easily accessible.

A Google+ business listing is also where patients will find a majority of your reviews. This is by design, so patients won’t have to jump through login hoops like they do on popular review sites. As part of our reputation management piece, you are notified anytime a review is left. You will have the chance to preview reviews for inaccurate or biased information, and even prevent spam from showing up on your page. By building up the number of 4 and 5-star reviews on your listing page, you are putting your best foot forward online.

Putting it All Together

At Optimized360, we bring these essential elements together to create both chiropractic websites and optometric websites that meet the needs of online visitors. Our experienced design and marketing teams begin with a custom design optimized for search engines. We include a variety of content, from videos to educational articles. Take control of your online image with a Google+ business listing and our online review management services.

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