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Technology has changed the way the business world operates and the healthcare field is no different. Many prospective customers used to rely on TV commercials, radio advertisements, and print ads in newspapers to learn about the various products and services in the area. Now, many people rely on the internet to find things that they’re looking for. Search engines such as Google and Bing are popular when people are looking for healthcare professionals such as optometrists. Anyone looking to grow their practice needs to ensure that they have good visibility on the internet to attract new customers. One of the ways to ensure this happens is through a website that ranks highly on search engines. When people enter a search query into a search engine, there are certain phrases that are common. The search engine will comb the depths of the web looking for solid matches. Having a website that matches these criteria is essential to ranking highly in search results and therefore increasing visibility on the web. With this in mind, what are ways that a website can improve its ranking? Some of the keys to search engine optimization or SEO, are below.

1. Use a Custom Website


Custom Optometry Website for The Optical Shoppe



It is not unusual for healthcare professionals to hire a professional service or use a professional product for assistance designing a web page. Doctors are busy people and often aren’t trained to design a website. Therefore, they will rely on a web design service for assistance. Business owners and practice managers need to use caution when hiring a professional service because there are two distinct categories. A templated design is often cheaper in the short-term and is faster to produce. A custom website is more expensive in the short term and might take longer to get up and running; however, when it comes to search engine rankings, a custom website will always rank higher on the results page. The search engine is going to look for unique websites because these websites are often more relevant to the search query. Therefore, anyone using custom responsive websites for eye doctors is going to get an important boost in the rankings list. Take the time and energy to invest in a custom website. The reward will come in the form of improved visibility.

2. Unique Custom Content

Similar to the unique website, it is important that the website has unique content on that web site. The search engine is going to examine every text block, image, and video on the website to ensure the content is relevant to the search query. The search engine will even examine the meta descriptions that are attached to the graphics. If the content is unique, the website will wind up higher on the results page. If the content is similar to that of other websites, the web page will take a tumble further down the rankings list. This means that the website needs to use unique images and videos that are regularly updated. This last point is important because if a website’s content is regularly updated, this means it is still actively managed. This will also be reflected in the search results ranking. Anyone looking to improve their SEO for optometrists should take the time to ensure that the content on their web page is unique and that the content is regularly updated.

3. Integrate a Blog into the Site


Bubbles that spell out blog


When search engines are examining websites for rankings, they will examine the links within the website. The more links that a website has, the higher it is going to rank. The more link a site has to internal pages, the higher a site is going to rank. Of course, if the content associated with these links is relevant to the search query, the site is going to rank higher. These are all fantastic reasons to add a blog to a site. This also adds a little piece of social marketing for optometrists as well because blogs are often filled with content that is appropriate for social media. A blog can have any number of pages, each of which can be a new, internal link for a website. Furthermore, the blog is going to be filled with articles that are relevant to the person searching for that service. In this manner, blogs are great ways to improve the ranking of any healthcare web page. Fill the blog with information that patients might find useful on common conditions, common medications, or even frequently asked questions. This is great marketing material and is fantastic for search results rankings.

4. Ensure the Web Page is Mobile Responsive

People today use their phones and tablets for everything. Therefore, it is vital that any web page is friendly for mobile devices. Custom responsive websites for eye doctors should also be responsive to mobile visitors because this is going to please the visitors to the site. If prospective customers are happy with what they see, they are more likely to offer their business. Furthermore, when people type in search queries into search engines on mobile devices, the search engine is going to look for websites that are compatible with the device that entered the search query. Having a website that is mobile friendly is a great way to improve SEO for optometrists and will increase a website’s visibility. This is a crucial step in the process of growing a practice and widening a customer base.

5. Add Hours for Off-Site SEO


Woman teaching SEO to a class


This is possibly the most important yet least-utilized step in improving SEO for optometrists. The search engine is also going to examine the links a site has for external links. This means that the website should be filled with links to authoritative websites that will increase the search engine’s confidence in the website. The website should also have links to social marketing for optometrists as a way to encourage the search engine to see the relevance of the site. Backlinks are also very important because it helps the customers to find everything they need in one stop. Off-site SEO is crucial because it inspires search engines and search queries to place important trust in the relevance of the website while also helping customers find everything they need on a single web page. This is important for improving a website’s visibility as well as ensuring the website is friendly to prospective customers visiting the page.

Designing a web page with SEO in mind can be a major challenge; however, there are a few tips that everyone should keep in mind when designing a website that will improve the visibility of a practice.

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