Time for a new approach to marketing your medical practice

4 Medical Specialties that Need a Different Approach to Marketing

How Orthopedic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Vascular Specialists and Cardiac Surgery Centers can enhance their online marketing reach.

You’re busy, we totally get that. But when was the last time you took an honest look at your marketing tactics let alone your general marketing strategy. If your original strategy is older than 3 or 4 years it’s probably time for an update. The pace of change is outrageous today so a marketing plan that’s starting to show its age probably doesn’t account for new developments in marketing, like that internet thing, its offspring social media, reputation management and content marketing.

Screenshot showing homepage of Rhode Island Hand & Orthopaedic Center, Dr. Leonard F. Hubbard - Cranston, RI website

Rhode Island Hand & Orthopaedic Center's modern and clean website design

Have a Great Website Design

When phone books went out of style, so did the yellow pages. Yellow pages used to be the place where you could easily find information about a business and how to reach them. Now, that’s your website’s primary purpose.

As a specialty medical office people visit your website for a number of reasons.

  1. They want to find out about your treatments and procedures
  2. They are looking for reviews on your services
  3. They want to know how to contact you to set up an appointment.

Unfortunately, if someone visits your medical practice’s website and finds a hard to navigate platform they are likely to exit the site and never return. However, a little bit of investment and some attention to detail can keep customers coming back for more.

If there is one thing you need to be successful as a local medical, it’s a good website. If you are not an internet guru, you should consult with a web designer (like the experts here at Optimized360) to create a layout that will work for you. Just remember, if you want to grow your practice, you need to follow the trends, not your personal style.

Blog then blog some more on your medical website

Keep a Blog on that Great Website

Whether you are a orthopedic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, vascular specialist or cardiac surgeon, if you don’t have a blog on your website, you are certainly missing out on a opportunity to promote yourself. This is your chance to address frequently asked questions from your patients, highlight your treatments and give your unique spin on healthcare related news and trends. Blogging will also help improve your website’s ranking across all the search engines — especially when you update your blog regularly with relevant, consistent, and engaging content.

According to Social Media Today, small business that have a blog generate more than 125% more leads and more than 60 percent of consumers made a purchased based on a blog post they read. In addition, 81 percent of consumers indicated they trusted the information and advice they received from a blog.

Target Only Your Real Audience

Targeting a broad audience may seem like a smarter choice for getting a higher ROI. After all, you’ll be reaching a larger number of people. However, it’s almost always better to target a smaller audience with more relevant messaging, especially consider the exactness of your medical specialty. If your messaging isn’t reaching the audience segment that you want to reach, take a step back, run some new research on your target demographics and adjust your messaging to fit the people you’re trying to reach.

medical specialties like cosmetic surgeons need great SEO

Make Sure Your Website is Rich with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating content, as part of, and pointing to your medical website, that ultimately ends up ranked highly in search engine results pages. In the world of search engines, Google dominates with over 70% of searches performed through it in the United States. Learn more about local SEO here. 

SEO is about more than just search rankings. It’s about understanding your audience, including their needs and how they express those needs. It’s about knowing how to make the technical aspects of your website meet the expectations of search engines and your human visitor.

Dentist ,must have updated and active social media accounts

Have a Social Media Presence

Consumers today come to expect the companies they purchase from to have a social media presence — and that includes healthcare consumers. They enjoy following the companies they invite into their lives and do so through their likes of Facebook and tweets on Twitter. Keep your patients engaged and informed with practical and insightful information related to your medical specialty and you increase your credibility in the process.

Simply put, social media should be part of your inbound marketing strategy. This type of marketing is extremely targeted and gets your message in front of people who are searching for it. It’s much more effective than traditional outbound marketing, which sprays your message to a broad audience and hopes that it will reach someone who is interested.

Online marketing strategies are rarely a total failure or an overwheming success. It’s time to experiment with these different approaches when modifying your medical practice’s marketing strategies, and eventually, you’ll be able to form more patient-appropriate and effective strategies from the beginning.

There’s always something new to learn, and always more ways to get better. And there’s always Optimized360 ready to help you anywhere along the process. Ask about our FREE CONSULTATION.

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