2018 Medical Marketing Trends


Medical marketing, like many other things, is subject to go through certain trends. Being able to identify and understand these trends is crucial in applying them to your marketing strategy. Implementing current medical market trends in your marketing strategy ensures that you will boost your marketability with minimal effort. Listed below is an archive of medical marketing blogs carefully selected to provide you with the latest and greatest information on 2018 medical marketing trends.

Medical Marketing

If you are not sure how medical marketing is different from regular marketing, then this is the blog for you. This blog describes exactly how medical marketing works and gives you specific tips to use as an action plan to alter and boost your marketing strategy.

Stay Clear of These Common Medical Marketing Mistakes

Are you making one of the four most common medical marketing mistakes? If you find yourself avoiding updates to your marketing campaign, ignoring your online presence, failing to blog, or not regularly updating your website, you may be sabotaging your marketing potential.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marketing

Not sure how to update your marketing approach? This blog goes over some of the basic do’s and don’ts of marketing and easily breaks down each component in more detail. Correcting your marketing strategy is a crucial step in maximizing your marketability.

Medical Marketing Ideas That Doctors Should Follow–SEO & Adwords & Blogging

This blog overviews the three pillars of medical marketing improvement: SEO, Adwords, and Blogging. These three marketing strategies have been proven to boost search engine results and get your website more attention from potential patients.

Medical Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

This blog overviews some of the common mistakes people make when trying to promote their websites. It will explain how to specifically improve your online presence without accidentally sabotaging yourself from common mistakes such as: using too many keywords, using a templated website, using weak or expired links, and failing to describe media content.

Medical Marketing–How Doctors Get 5 Star Reviews

Did you know that your Yelp reviews can affect your website placement on various search engines? If not, you will want to read this blog to understand how ratings on Facebook, Yelp, or Google Plus can change your search rankings, and how you can improve these rankings to maximize your online placement.

Online Medical Marketing 101

If you find yourself asking, “Why do I need online marketing?”, you must read this blog. It addresses the current marketing climate and how medical marketing fits into this larger picture. It also identifies and explains the new needs of your target market. If you are new to online marketing, this is a good blog to start with.

Medical Office Marketing Must Haves

This blog builds off the above blog and provides information on the basic necessities for a successful online marketing presence. It discusses successful websites, blogging, SEO, online reviews, and the benefits of making a responsive website.

Facebook Marketing for Medical Professionals

As of 2017, approximately 63% of Americans, with a growing population of baby boomers, had a Facebook. This means the majority of your potential patients are on Facebook, and your practice should be as well. Not sure how to do this correctly? Read this blog to find out more.


Young adults reading a dental marketing blog


Marketing Your Medical Practice: What You Need To Know

Most medical professionals recognize the need for marketing, but are not sure what to focus their marketing campaign on. This blog goes over the things that a successful medical marketing campaign encompasses, including: focusing on reputation, creating an amazing online experience, being responsive via mobile means, and prioritizing engagement.

Effective Social Media Marketing for Medical Professionals

Social media is a large part of your patient’s everyday lives and understanding how to breach this type of market is crucial in marketing your practice. The key here is to get their attention and market yourself as a solid solution. Not sure how to do this? Read this blog for more information.

Small Medical Office Marketing Basics

Are you a small medical office looking to promote or expand your practice? Medical marketing is key, especially for smaller practices that may not be as well known. This blog makes recommendations on how to target your market and address it appropriately.

5 Marketing Strategies for a Medical Practice

Want a quick, easy guide to simple marketing strategies? This blog provides you with an easy list of strategies that have proven successful. By implementing these five strategies, you can easily boost your marketability.

Marketing is Necessary for Medical Practices

Still not convinced you need a marketing strategy? This blog provides an overview on why medical marketing is necessary for medical practices and how you can easily develop a marketing plan for your practice.

Social Marketing for the Medical Profession

Social marketing is the fastest and cheapest way to get in contact with patients and potential patients. This blog discusses the many benefits of social marketing, the main one being that it allows potential patients to explore your practice and encourage them to book an appointment. It also lists the various things medical professionals can use social marketing for, including: promoting wellness programs, educating patients, describing services, sponsoring online forums, and recruiting new employees.

10 Mistakes People Make When Marketing a Medical Website

Even if you have an online presence, this presence may not be functioning at optimum efficiency. This blog lists and describes the ten most common mistakes people make when marketing a medical website. Read on to learn about how various elements of your website, and the way they are communicated, may be hindering your marketability.

The #1 Way To Get More New Patients To Connect Via Your Medical Website

Conversion Rate Optimization is pretty much guaranteed to work as a marketing strategy, and is the process of making minor tweaks to your website and studying their effect on your overall conversion rate. Read more to find out exactly how Conversion Rate Optimization works and how it can empower your practice to be better than the competition, identify its own weaknesses, and increase leads much faster than other marketing methods.

Why Your Urgent Care Website Needs Great Marketing Too

This blog overviews the different reasons why even urgent care practices need a medical website. Two of the main reasons discussed are: to allow patients to find your location and to put you in touch with your community. Read on to find out more specifics on marketing your urgent care practice.

Marketing For Doctors, Don’t Just Rely on Patient Referrals

Although many doctors rely on patient referrals for new patients, medical marketing is a more effective way to gain new patients. This blog provides an overview of why medical professionals need a marketing strategy and how this marketing strategy should function within the digital age.

Marketing for Doctors, More than Brochures

In today’s age of technology, marketing has surpassed the paper era of brochures. Nowadays, the best way to reach potential patients is through internet marketing. This blog provides a quick overview of how internet marketing works and explains concepts such as: effective website design, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and social media.

Optometrist Websites and Online Marketing: Seeing is Believing

This blog specifically focuses on medical marketing for optometrists and provides information on how an optometry site should address specific needs of its target market. Customization is key for optometry websites, and this blog discusses various ways to accomplish this.

How Web Design Affects Your Marketing Efforts

Since your web design functions as a first impression, you will need to make sure that if reflects your marketing efforts. With that being said, your website needs to complement and enhance your branding. This blog goes over the various ways that you can structure your website so that it aligns with your brand, or practice.

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