Some websites will make your hair stand on end

10 Issues Regarding Websites That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

What you will find on some dental and medical websites simply defy logic, best practices, and also good taste.

Let’s start by agreeing that no dental or medical practice wants to chase visitors away from their website. That would be crazy right? But unfortunately, it happens far too often. Websites along with online reviews are now the first thing prospective new patients will encounter about your practice, why waste the opportunity to impress.

We’ve put together a list of 10 issues your patients may be running into – and away from – if you are still running with an inferior website.

So take a few minutes to look over this list of live website homepages and the major issues found on each.

And if your dental or medical website is guilty of any of these, make the necessary changes ASAP. Some of them, like adding phone numbers and contact information, should be easy to do. But others like responsive pages and improving content are more challenging. Just start with what’s easiest and go from there.

Editor’s Note: By showcasing what is not considered ‘good’ we are not trying to shame or call out any one website or practitioner. We are intending to use these examples of websites in need of a makeover as ‘before’ pictures – awaiting the ‘after’ image.

If any of these websites are yours, we invite you to contact Optimized360 today so we can start the makeover.

#1 Flash headers

Still using flash headers - stop
Hey, it's late 2018 and time to stop using websites with Flash headers.

Headers with Adobe Flash animations were all the rage in the early 2000s. But today these do not play on any Mac product (iPhone, iPad, iMac) and most internet browsers. Keeping these on your website’s homepage only show your prospective patients that you’re not keeping current with modern trends. Ask your website developer to update or remove this entirely.

#2 Not mobile-responsive and plus using Flash

Nope, this website will not look good on a mobile phone or tablet.

Your website must look good and load fast on mobile devices. How well does your website perform on mobile devices? Run this free online test to see what your website looks like on a variety of mobile devices.  Run this free online test to check its load speed.

#3 Where's the phone number?

no phone number on your website is not a good idea
Websites of all kinds, including dental websites need a clear call-to-action.

Many dental websites like this one suffer from missing a strong call to action. This means that many potential new patients will not be able to distinguish between what services you are offering and why they are visiting your website.

#4 Websites that are way too busy

Busy website designs chase visitors away
Can anyone tell who this dentist is and how to contact them?

There are only 2 basic reasons someone is visiting your website, to answer a question, or solve a problem. They are not landing on your homepage and looking at it the way you do, as the owner of what you think is a pretty website. Information about your practice must be clearly presented to the visitor and not require them to look all around trying to find something relevant to their inquiry.

#5 Websites that are not busy at all

Doctor, this is your chance to promote yourself to your community, please step it up a bit.

The world is full of opposites and here is an example of a dental website lacking information. We even had a hard time finding the menu bar, it’s there, but way too hidden.

#6 Dated boxy looks

Hello year 1999, would you like your web design templates back?

Websites back then were…well, just not good. It seemed they all had a standard header at the top, followed by a boxy, template look with a lack of flow down the rest of the page. We cluttered the home page with way too many words, reading like a novel with paragraph after paragraph of boring repetitive text.

So let me ask you – is your website basic, boxy and boring, like 1999?

#7 Using just a photograph

What is this. Just a picture.
We should try a be a bit more creative, it's your dental website's homepage.

Please don’t make your website look like your business cards or stationery. Placing just a main image, assuming the visitor is going to click is a big mistake. They will click but click away from websites like these.

#8 Just plain old yucky

Sorry, but did your nephew build you this website when he was in high school in 1998?

We understand that back in the day this sort of design was popular, but so were Chevy Celebrities and pink shirts on men. If your website looks more like a brochure and isn’t delivering new patient opportunities, it’s time to retire it and get something more modern.

#9 Websites that don't look fresh anymore

There was likely a time when this website (and others) probably looked nice and fancy. That day has passed.

We built websites back in the olden days too. The tendency was to put everything we could on a dental website. We would hear things like “throw it up there, it’ll be a great online reference.” The problem is that this is not how websites are utilized anymore.

#10 Websites not optimized to appeal to today's visitors

not built for today's web visitor
Design standards have evolved, web visitors expectations have evolved further. Design for today.

Today’s dental or medical website must be viewed as an advertising tool meant to attract and quickly convert a curious visitor into an active new patient opportunity. Build your website to accomplish this goal and you’ll succeed.

The above are just a few of the most common things that should trigger website changes for your dental or medical practice. Your website may not require a complete makeover to fix all of these issues, but at least some critical tweaks to get you on the right page.

If it’s all too overwhelming for you, reach out to the experts at Optimized360. There’s a good reason why we’ve built nearly 3000 websites for medical professionals just like you. Working with us takes the pain away and puts your website back in business.


Don't waste another day with a poor website, contact 360 today.
Optimized360 can help you retire that old dental website and design for you a beautiful custom website.

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